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Our "Well-You” promise

We take the time to get to you know and your unique health care needs. Learn more about healthier care for healthier aging.

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Well You

Optum Well You Promise Script (:30)- 


At Optum, health care is more than just treating you when you’re sick.


It’s 50,000 doctors empowered with the latest science to keep you well.


It’s a personalized care plan delivered by an expert team that takes the time to get itr ight.


It’s access to care close to home, however you need it.


Because we believe a healthy life is a life well-lived.


That’s our “Well-You” Promise.


And it’s why 9 out of 10 patients would recommend their Optum doctor to a friend.


Optum – Healthier care for healthier aging.


Endcard: Optum