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Clinical management programs

Being treated with a specialty medication can be overwhelming. Our specialty pharmacy clinical management programs provide personalized care and support.


Clinical management programs support

We’ll help you:

  • Better understand your medical condition and treatment
  • Learn more about side effects and how to manage them
  • Manage your symptoms
  • Find resources related to your medical condition and treatment
  • Learn how to take a more active part in managing your medical condition

Ongoing support

You’ll receive:

  • A 1-on-1 phone call with a pharmacist or nurse who is trained in your medical condition
  • Follow-up consultations, to help track progress
  • Education and extra resources on:
    • The best way to manage your condition’s symptoms
    • The correct way to take your medications and help you stay on track
    • Important laboratory values and what they mean for your condition
    • Tips for remembering to take your medications at the appropriate time
    • Medication side effects and the best ways to manage them
    • Exercise and eating healthy
    • Ways to help pay for your medication, if applicable

Potential health benefits of the program


Better management of your condition to help reduce unnecessary hospital visits

A personal treatment plan that matches your needs

Side effect management help

Help managing complex conditions

We’re here to help

Our dedicated team will be there throughout the course of treatment to support and advocate for you.

Optum Specialty Pharmacy

Rely on expert support for complex conditions.

Specialties and therapies

Learn about the specialties we serve and the therapies we provide.

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