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HSA On Demand®

Enjoy accelerated access to health savings account (HSA) funds.

What is HSA On Demand?

HSA On Demand is an optional offering provided by some employers to complement a traditional HSA. If included in an employer's plan, it gives you access to future contributions at any time to pay for a health care expense.

Unexpected event? Care costs more than you thought?

With HSA On Demand, your employer accelerates your expected HSA contributions so you can immediately cover your health care expense — right when you need it.

No additional work

You don’t have to take any extra steps to pay the funds back, unless your employment terminates. You just continue contributing to your HSA with your payroll contributions like normal and, over time, the amount you used is paid back. Think of it as a reliable safety net.

The latest technology is as close as your phone

Not only do you have funds when you need them, but you also get secure financial peace of mind.

Hands-free and paper-free

Mobile friendly

Easy to manage

Meet Mark

Mark needs $40 for his prescription, but since he just opened his HSA, he doesn’t have any funds in his account.

With HSA On Demand, he can immediately access the $40 and take comfort in the fact that he's covered.

Over time, through his regular payroll deductions, he will repay the money into his account.

How do I sign up?

Enrollment only comes once a year, so be sure to get your year-round savings. You decide how much to contribute, and pre-tax funds are deducted from your paycheck.