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“Well-You” promise

At Optum, health care is more than just treating you when you’re sick. It’s 50,000 doctors empowered with the latest science to keep you well.

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Discover fresh insights and resources for population health services.

Gardening: Your health in full bloom

Learn more about the health wonders of gardening.

How to use an HSA

Learn how to make manage your health savings account (HSA).

HSAs and Medicare

Learn more about what happens to your HSA once you enroll in Medicare.

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What our patients and members say

Watch our Medicare Advantage patient testimonial video to learn how an Optum doctor + Medicare Advantage can offer the best care.

Doc, am I too young for advance care planning?

Having a plan in place is a wise choice.

Quality care when and where it's right for you

The visit is virtual. The care is personal.

7 tips for sun safety

Summer is a time to relax and unwind with friends and family.

Six things you might not know about breast cancer

Get the real facts

Feeling SAD?

Tips that can help.

How can I reduce my risk of falling?

Talk to your doctor about fall prevention.

The benefits of being social

Become more social for your health.

Understanding depression

Know the signs, what you can do and when to get help.

Stay strong as you age

Taking care of yourself may help you keep your independence.

How much water do you really need every day?

The answer is: it depends.

The signs of skin cancer

Take the preventive steps to protect your skin.

Men fear not: Going to doctor is good for you

Start with an Annual Wellness Visit.

Simple exercises to improve your balance

Balance is key to everyday movement.

Virtual care: making your health care safe and easy

See your doctor from the comfort of your home.

Understand your test results

Learn what questions you need to ask.

The Optum Care Primary Care difference

We put you first.

3 red foods for a healthier heart

Take control of your diet for your heart and you.

HSA new account holder checklist

Now that you’ve opened a health savings account, learn how to save on taxes, pay for qualified medical expenses and save for the future.

Health savings account (HSA) webinars

Are you making the most of your HSA? Check out a live webinar offered by Optum Financial and get answers to your questions from an HSA expert.

What do Optum patients think about their doctors?

Find out through our recent patient surveys.

Get your flu shot today

Stay healthy this flu season.

Mind your memory: tips for brain health

Check out these fun ways to stay sharp.

Help improve your health by decluttering

Tidying up can be good for both mind and body.

New to-do list for men: Suggested health tests

This is not your normal honey-do list.

7 tips for grilling fruits and vegetables

Wow your family with this no-recipe recipe.

How to deal with holiday stress

Stay calm and enjoy your holiday season.

Falls are more common than we think

Learn facts and tips that may help limit falls.

Five common fears about getting a colonoscopy

Should you worry?

Diabetes-friendly recipes for your Thanksgiving table

Try these lighter, tasty takes on American favorites.

Make the most of your shut-eye

Small changes can improve sleep quality.

Gardening: Your health in full bloom

Learn more about the health wonders of gardening.

April 16 is National Health Care Decisions Day

It's the perfect time to start your advanced care planning.

Help lower your stress levels with mindfulness

Pay attention to your thoughts and be in the moment.

Flu shots and COVID-19

Learn why this year is more important to get your flu shot.

What COVID-19 vaccine should I get?

The best vaccine against COVID-19 is the one in your arm.

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Now is the perfect time for everyone to be proactive.

Your doctor and care team

Offering the care you need, when you need it.

Could your colonoscopy help save your kids' lives?

Help protect yourself and your family.

What to do about your cholesterol

Read the basics on cholesterol and how to lower it.

Gathering a health care dream team

How to get specialty care when you need it.

10 ways to deal with stress

Helpful tools to help you manage daily stress.

Welcome new members

See how we uniquely care for patients with Medicare Advantage.

Welcome to your community

Take a quick video tour through one of our Optum Care Community Centers in Arizona.

Two truths and a lie about wearing face masks

Wearing a mask is just one step in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

10 tips for choosing a primary care doctor

Great care starts with your relationship with your doctor.

November is American Diabetes Month

Know the facts and learn how to lower your risk.

10 tips for cutting back on sugar

It's all about balance and finding what works for you.

Doc, does older skin need sun protection?

Here are tips to lower your chances of getting skin cancer.

Be smart with prescription medicines

Tips on how to get the most out of them.

20 tips to boost your mental health

It’s time to give your brain a boost.

Farmers market tips

Keep these useful tips on hand for your next trip.

Know where to go for care

The right place or way to get care depends on your situation.

Differences between COVID-19, flu and colds

As summer ends, many of us might catch something.

Making a commitment to exercise

Try to make fitness a part of each day.

Tips to stop the spread of flu germs

Help keep you and your loved ones healthy.

Ways to make fitness part of your life

Squeeze in activity throughout the day.

Have you had "the talk" about advance care planning?

Few of us plan for this important event.

Scheduled your Annual Wellness Visit yet?

Here are the top five reasons to get it on your calendar.

Advance care planning worksheet

Make your wishes known.

Doc, my bones crack. Do I have osteoporosis?

Are thin bones noisy bones?

Asthma care

To feel your best, stay involved in your treatment.

What your BMI says about your health

Learn what this tool can do.

Be S.M.A.R.T.

Learn how to make health goals that work.

Watermelon kebabs: tasty and good for you

Start your summer with a healthy snack.

Cancer screening

It's your best bet for staying healthy.

Schedule your Annual Wellness Visit

Stay on top of your health.

Get the facts: Why Annual Wellness Visits matter

A nurse practitioner explains the importance of having a yearly AWV.

Can you answer these blood pressure FAQs?

Learn more so you can ace this health quiz.

Guía Por qué Medicare Advantage

Obtenga más con Medicare Advantage

Advance care planning in three easy steps

Learn how to make your wishes known if you can't speak for yourself.

Can aspirin help me avoid a heart attack?

Is a daily dose a good bet for heart health?

If you’re too sick to speak, who will speak for you?

Get started with an advance care plan today.

Guía Llevar una vida más saludable con Medicare Advantage

Lleve su atención de la salud al próximo nivel con un médico de Optum + Medicare Advantage.

Get the facts about monkeypox

What you need to know to stay safe and informed.

Embrace digital payment options to streamline operations

The business case for getting on board with digital transformation initiatives — in particular digital payment — should be an easy one for any organization to make.

HSA withdrawal correction form

This form can be used to redeposit funds withdrawn in error and cannot be used to correct an Excess Contribution Return.

Until It’s Fixed: A Health Care Podcast – Season 3

Join us on the inspiring journey to create a healthier world — and make health care simpler and more effective for everyone

Until It’s Fixed: A Health Care Podcast - Season 1

Start at the beginning with season one.

Until It's Fixed: A Health Care Podcast - Season 2

Hear how unifying data, creating partnerships and approaching problems in new ways are helping to create a healthier world.

The five stages of your HSA journey

Learn more about the five-stage journey we go through as we save and pay for qualified medical expenses.

Options to Invest Your HSA

This video shows you the differences between your two investment options and how to get started.

Get access to funds faster with Quick Pay

Optum Financial mobile app

The Optum Financial mobile app puts all your account information at your fingertips, so you can get back to the things you love in life.

HealthSafe ID

If you don't already have a HealthSafe ID®, you will be prompted to create one when signing in.

What is a limited purpose FSA?

Find out why pairing a limited purpose FSA with an HSA may be a smart choice.

On-demand webinar: Tax time and Your HSA

This webinar will help you understand the tax benefits of your HSA, which forms you'll need to file your taxes and how your state treats HSA contributions.

Open an HSA

A health savings account (HSA) is designed to help you save and pay for qualified medical expenses.

HSAs and Medicare

Learn more about what happens to your HSA once you enroll in Medicare.

Optum Financial payment card

Learn more about how to use your Optum Financial payment card to pay for eligible medical expenses without submitting paper claim forms.

Your health screening checklist

Download a health screening checklist that helps you track your appointments all in one place.

Missing from the MS narrative

In this series, Victoria Reese shares candidly about symptoms, diagnosis, inequities — and how to better support the Black MS community.

Until it’s fixed podcast: The sober-curious movement

Join us as we kick off season 3 with a conversation that is top-of-mind for a lot of us right now: Burnout. Learn the causes, its effects and what to do about it.

Addressing social determinants of health

Create solutions to eliminate barriers to care and support members.

My earthquake

In this series, Victoria Reese shares candidly about symptoms, diagnosis, inequities — and how to better support the Black MS community.

Victoria Reese, a mom, media pro and Black woman with MS

In this 4-week series, she shares candidly about symptoms, diagnosis, inequities — and how to better support the Black MS community.

Facing MS as a Black woman

In this series, Victoria Reese shares candidly about symptoms, diagnosis, inequities — and how to better support the Black MS community.

Until It’s Fixed Podcast: Keep a drinking diary

In this episode, Dr. Kenny Poole discusses tips and tactics for tracking your beverage consumption habits (with a focus on alcohol) by keeping a drinking diary.

Help advance MS research and representation

Whether MS affects you or a loved one today, in the future or never, your involvement can make a difference.

Until it’s fixed podcast: Burnout

Join us as we kick off season 3 with a conversation that is top-of-mind for a lot of us right now: Burnout. Learn the causes, its effects and what to do about it.

Until it’s fixed podcast: Pajama time to reduce burnout

What is one thing you can do today to reduce burnout in your life? Dr. Maria Dahl offers tips we can all use.

Optum Financial mobile app

Save time and take control with our advanced mobile app. Download the app today.

Optum Network of Arizona and Medicare Advantage

Take a look at how we help people with Medicare Advantage stay healthy, happy and active in Arizona.

Health account frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Part of making the most of your health accounts is understanding how to use them. Browse our FAQs to get more from your health accounts.

Optum Care agent guide

Help your clients stay healthy and independent.

Achieving and keeping 4+ Star performance

Until it’s fixed podcast: Why we do therapy

In this episode, dig into the societal shift of talking more openly about seeing a therapist, how to find a therapist and the rise of app-based and teletherapy.

Until it’s fixed podcast: Mental health resources

In this bonus episode, learn some tips for how to define and narrow down the options you have for mental health resources — whether they’re in-person or online.

Until it’s fixed podcast: When we live longer

We're living longer than ever — but how is our health care keeping up? This episode explores challenges in providing care to our growing senior population.

Until It's Fixed Podcast: Care for body, mind and spirit

Spirituality and religion play an important role in many people’s lives — but not everyone feels comfortable bringing them up with a doctor. Learn how to start.

Until it’s fixed podcast: Daily movement in older age

As we grow older, what’s one way we can take care of our bodies? In this bonus episode, explore options for gentle activities to keep us moving at any age.

Until It's Fixed Podcast: Write it down

In this episode, get tips for writing down how spirituality and/or religion affect your care preferences so you're prepared for the future.

HSA-FSA card: Pay the smarter way

Your card is the most convenient way to pay for qualified expenses. You also save an average of 30% since you're using pretax funds.

Save more with commuter benefits

Whether you go by bus, ferry, train, or ride share, commuter benefits could save you $1,000s, or more, with pretax funds.

Until It's Fixed Podcast: Black health

In this episode, explore the major health challenges facing the Black community, what needs to be done to improve health care and who's leading the way.

Until It's Fixed Podcast: Get your greens

What’s one thing you can do today to improve your eating habits at home? Learn how a variety of fruits and vegetables impact your overall health and well-being.

Care guides

The care guide is your very own roadmap to wellness. From cover to cover, you’ll find health resources and tips to help you feel your best.

Until It's Fixed Podcast: Thinking differently

There is no 'normal' when it comes to the human brain- we all think, learn and experience the world uniquely.

Until It's Fixed Podcast: Working to be neuro-inclusive

What is one thing you can do today to encourage thinking differently at work?

Until It's Fixed Podcast: Talking trash

Learn how to have an honest and productive conversation about household chores.

Until It's Fixed Podcast: Seeing invisible labor

How we divide chores and childcare is an age-old problem, with women historically handling most of the work in the home.

Until It's Fixed Podcast: No place like home

In this episode, learn more about health care convenience and choice and the growing demand for it outside of a doctor’s office or hospital.

Until It's Fixed Podcast: Bank on your community

In this episode, see how you can help fight food insecurity by finding a food bank, pantry or shelf in your area — or by donating time, items or dollars.

Until it's fixed podcast: Where to get care

When you’re not feeling well or have a medical emergency, knowing your medical care options can be critical for your health.

Until it's fixed podcast: From checkouts to cows

We discuss how the health industry is expanding to better meet you where you’re at by taking a look at retail and rural health.

Until it's fixed podcast: rewarding healthy habits

What motivates you to stay healthy? It’s different for everyone.

One thing today: step it up

Habit tracking can help keep you honest when working towards a health goal.

Exercise and heart disease

Learn how to improve your fitness and well-being.

Until It’s Fixed Podcast: why the right doctor matters

Many studies show having a strong relationship with your doctor really matters.

Until It’s Fixed Podcast: green flags

When it comes to any relationship, it takes two people to make it work — and a doctor-patient relationship is no different.

Until It’s Fixed Podcast: medical expense accounts

A side of your health that is often overlooked is how to save for and manage care costs. Understanding your medical expense accounts can help.

Until It’s Fixed Podcast: figuring out fertility

When it comes to your health, fertility isn’t always something that’s discussed.

Until It’s Fixed Podcast: together in health

We’re at the end of Season 3, and we’ve covered a lot of new ground on what’s being done to make health care work better for everyone.

Until It’s Fixed Podcast: your health and having kids

Fertility is something you may not think about until you’re ready to have children.

IRS 2024 HSA contribution limits

The IRS announced an increase in HSA contribution limits for the 2024 tax year.

Del dolor al surf de remo: el poder de la atención personalizada

Entérese de cómo Laurie encontró alivio a sus problemas de salud de toda la vida con la ayuda del Dr. Neil Gokal, su médico de Optum.

See how our care and Medicare Advantage changed Margaret’s life

Learn how Margaret found better care at lower costs from a doctor and care team she could trust.

Margaret’s journey to a renewed life and better health

Sometimes one decision can change your life. With the help of her doctor and the community center, Margaret changed her life for the better.

See how our care and Medicare Advantage changed Mickey’s life

Learn how Mickey worked together with his Optum care team to help him live a fuller, healthier life in the face of illness and loss.

How teamwork helped Mickey rev up his life again

Learn how Mickey’s care team and community center helped him though COVID-19 and type 2 diabetes to find a healthier, happier life.

Cómo el trabajo en equipo ayudó a Mickey a revolucionar su vida nuevamente

Conozca cómo el equipo de atención y el centro comunitario de Mickey le ayudaron a superar el COVID-19 y la diabetes tipo 2, y encontrar una vida más saludable y feliz.

From pain to paddleboarding: the power of personalized care

Learn how Laurie found relief from lifelong health struggles with the help of Dr. Neil Gokal, her Optum doctor.

See how our care and Medicare Advantage changed Laurie’s life

Learn how Laurie found personalized care that led to relief from lifelong health struggles with the help of Dr. Neil Gokal, her Optum doctor.

El camino de Margaret hacia una vida renovada y un mejor estado de salud

A veces una elección puede cambiar tu vida. Con la ayuda de su médico y el centro comunitario, Margaret cambió su vida para mejor.

How to talk to your doctor

Make the most of your doctor's visit.

Flu shot choices for people ages 65+

Here's what you need to know before getting your flu shot.

What you need to know about prostate cancer screenings

Learn how screening for prostate cancer and talking openly with your doctor about the PSA test can improve your care.

What is a dependent care FSA?

Learn how you can use tax-free money to pay for dependent care.

Update communication preferences

Change your Optum Financial communication delivery preferences to online.

Spending your FSA dollars

Learn more about how to manage your FSA funds so you don't lose them.

Add a beneficiary to your HSA or MSA

Take a minute to ensure you have a beneficiary selected. 

IRS 2023 regulatory alert and legislative updates

Learn more about the increased plan contribution limits for flexible spending accounts (FSAs), commuter benefits and adoption assistance in 2023.

What is a health care FSA?

Discover the benefits of having a health care FSA.

Flu shots: Know the facts

Don't let flu myths keep you from getting your shot.

5 essential tips for living with a chronic condition

See what Bethany, who has multiple sclerosis (MS), has learned about living with a chronic condition

Exercise and chronic conditions

If you’re living with a chronic condition, exercise may be an important way to manage your symptoms, improve your overall health and more.

The lonely world of caregiving

It takes strength and selflessness to care for others. You are not alone.

8 ways to cope with fatigue

Here are some ways to help cope with fatigue caused by specialty medicines or conditions.

Caregiver strain: taking your feelings seriously

Taking care of yourself is an important part of being a good caregiver. Here's what to keep in mind.

New year, new health insurance: How to avoid surprises

The new year can be full of changes — including to your health insurance plan. Here are three questions to ask before the new year begins.

Enjoying summer safely with hemophilia

For people with hemophilia, summer can bring new risks for injuries or bleeds. Follow these tips to safely enjoy the summer.

Low impact exercises with big health and fitness benefits

Low impact exercise is a great way to maintain mobility and improve your overall health without putting excessive strain on your joints.

How to manage your child's medication, fasting and school schedule

When your child has a chronic condition it can be challenging to make sure they get their medication on time. These tips can help.

6 ways to help a loved one who has cancer

When someone you love has cancer, you want to help them. Your awareness of their needs can make it easier for them to accept your help.

Running a marathon on parenteral nutrition

Learn how Karen, a clinical infusion dietitian with Optum Infusion Pharmacy, helped Kristi to run a marathon while managing her parenteral nutrition (PN).

Planning for positivity: Finding the bright side

Learn how to keep a positive mindset when living with a chronic condition.

Chronic illness: Preparing for a storm

Here are some tips to help you prepare for a large storm when you have a chronic condition.

How to stay safe while in the sun

Whether you’re gardening, getting some exercise or playing with your family in your backyard, it is important to protect your skin.

A chronic condition doesn't have to slow your run or walk

Running or walking is a great way to do some good for your body — and for others.

Preparing for the school year: A caregiver’s guide

Preparing early for the return to school can help kids with chronic conditions manage their condition and have a successful school year.

Taking your specialty medication on the road

If you have a condition that requires specialty medication, organizing in advance can take some of the anxiety out of trips and vacations.

Spoon Theory and chronic conditions

When living with a chronic condition, how can you express your feelings and needs in a way others can understand? Spoon Theory.

Claims resource center

Claims can feel complicated. The process to get reimbursed doesn't have to be. Find answers and resources to simplify it below.

Calculate your health savings

See how your health accounts can impact your wallet. Use our tools and resources to calculate how to save and pay for qualified expenses.

Health Savings Checkup tool

Estimate health care costs during retirement.

Manage your HSA contributions

Are you taking full advantage of all your HSA's tax benefits by contributing the maximum each year?

New account holder checklist

Make sure you're making the most of your new HSA with these easy steps.

HSA Tax Center

Questions about your taxes? We're here to help. You can get copies of your most recent tax forms by signing in to your account.

How to upload a receipt

You made an eligible purchase with an Optum Financial payment card. Learn how to upload an itemized receipt or an explanation of benefits.

How to file a claim

Learn how to file a claim for an out-of-pocket expense using your flexible spending account (FSA). It’s easy.

How to use an HSA

Learn how to make deposits to and withdrawals from your health savings account (HSA).

HSAs: Part of Your Financial Plan

Learn more about how your HSA can be part of your broader financial planning to create a savings nest egg and potentially save big on taxes.

HSA and FSA cards

You just swipe, save, and skip the extra steps, plus, you save up to 30%* because you’re using pre-tax dollars.

HSA investment overview

Watch this video to learn more about how to set up your investment account — and start investing today.

IRS 2023 HSA Contribution Limits

The IRS announced an increase in HSA contribution limits for the 2023 tax year.

IRS 2022 HSA Contribution Limits

The IRS announced an increase in HSA contribution limits for the 2022 tax year

Contribution limits

Max out your HSA this year with the contribution limit set by the IRS.

HSAs and tax season

Learn about the tax benefits and what you need to know at tax time.

What is an HSA?

Learn about the purpose of a health savings account (HSA) and how it works.