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Why join Optum Care?

See how you could work alongside others who share a vision of helping patients lead long, productive lives.

Why join Optum Care?

Neil:                                       00:09                     When I first came to Optum Care, I was very inundated in private practice. I was looking for something where I could just take care of patients, not be burdened with anything else and just go home happy. And I did find that because the resources are set up for it. But I also found the relationships, the compassion, the innovation, everything I went into private practice for still existed even in the realm of a big company. And I was really shocked by that. That was the key selling point that made me know I wanted to be a part of Optum Care.

Anna:                                    00:35                     Coming from a really, really small practice and-and moving on to like a global company, um, I just feel like I have a lot of support. Um, and I can just focus on what I went to medical school for, you know, to take care of patients. And the better I do, um, and the harder I work, it gets recognized. It never goes unrecognized with Optum.

Laura:                                    01:03                     I was part of the, uh, an acquisition back when my company first joined Optum Care in 2011. We were a lot smaller at that time and we've definitely grown. So it's-it's been amazing to see all the growth and all the, the, uh, the, the tremendous impact that we can have really across the country on our patient population and to, to meet a lot of medical directors, fellow medical directors, fellow physician leaders, and to understand that we can truly change the course of healthcare in this country. So it's been exciting to watch

Lena:                                     01:32                     Then when I joined, Laura and I work for the same company, I didn't know what Optum was. I didn't know what I was joining, but coming from the practice that I was at before when I interviewed, I knew something was different. I knew something was more collaborative. I knew something was more innovative, more supported. I didn't know what it was, but then coming to be there for a few years now and seeing now how Optum has shaped that has really come to light.

David:                                   01:57                     I found that Optum Care really ultimately supports my philosophy. It's that I-I work to live, I don't live to work. And I have a wife and three children at home. And if-if I bring my work home, if I, if I'm too, just, worn out that uh, I can't be a good dad and be a good husband and it's not really-it's not worth it. So Optum Care really has provided that with, um, the flexible schedule we have. Um, I'm, I'm not just tied down to, to a schedule. I get to enjoy my family.


Discover a group of like-minded professionals. Work alongside others who share a vision of helping patients lead long, productive lives.

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