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Value-based care at Optum Care

See how we’re shifting the health care model, one patient at a time.

Dr David Hefner:              00:09                     With the fee for service model that we used to have, everything, there really wasn't the focus on the value and so now that we have changed the focus from the fees to the value has made it an overall better experience for the not only the patient but for us as practitioners.

Dr Laura Huete:                00:28                     But we're also compensating on quality of care, um, reducing the hospitalizations, reducing admissions, quality of care based on our screenings, how often, are we getting our preventative screenings done, how often are we doing their vaccinations? And so we are not incented to get patients in and out the door or incented to keep them healthier and it really makes a difference in how we practice.

Moderator:                        00:49                     And is that rewarding for you as an individual as well?

Dr Laura Huete:                00:50                     Absolutely. Absolutely. And I think the patients see it. Obviously they don't know what our compensation model is like, but I can sit and tell them I have the time to spend with you and I'm not trying to see 25 patients a day or 30 patients a day. I have that time that I can spend with you and get to know you, talk about how we can improve your health and what are some of the barriers that you're facing and that I can help you with.

Dr Lena Poole:                   01:11                     And it makes you feel proud to know that the work that you're doing, that you have so many patients that have their A1C control that have their blood pressure, that had their mammogram done, had their colonoscopy screenings done because you as a physician know what that means for their overall health. You know how that makes a difference in their lives and when you can say, "Gosh, these are my numbers?" It really makes you feel proud.

Dr Neil Gokal:                    01:32                     And it's full circle too. It's, a big piece of that compensation or that reward, is hearing back from the patients. So every week I got that list of my almost report card, just to know where I'm at in seeing those comments and hearing what they think about the care that they're receiving is really great. I know I'm doing the best I can, but to hear it from my patients, to know that they really feel taken care of is tremendous.

Dr Lena Poole:                   01:54                     They say it, they're like this, I've never had this before. Never had this screening, is there some...No one's ever talked to me this long before. They feel it because they feel that they're being taken care of as a person and they're not just a patient moving through the door.

Optum Care providers are shifting the health care model by providing value-based care, at the right time and in the right place. 

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