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More informed patients

Well-informed patients lead to better health decisions.

Lena:                                     00:09                     There's so much information out there. Everybody Googles everything, including us, and everybody wants to know everything. And because I—the patient comes to you and "I read this online and what do I do?" The value-based care really lets you go down to the fundamentals of what your goals are for their healthcare and it really helps you stay on track. It helps them stay on track to where, yes, we're gonna work towards this because—yes, then it ultimately answers all of their questions in turn, but it really gives you a focus point to make things simpler and more meaningful.

Neil:                                       00:50                     I think technology has allowed that to patients, which is a good thing. They-they try to find out what they can because traditionally they really couldn't get answers anywhere else. They only had a few minutes or they were told their questions are limited to a certain number. Um, and the nice part is, now that I have these relationships, those lists of questions become so easy because I can simply say, "well, that's okay." And your patients trust you. They know that you have their best interest at hand because they've experienced it already and it makes it really easy to take care of them.

Lena:                                     01:17                     and the-"trust" is a huge word too. That once they come to you at a certain point and bring in these questions that are paramount to their life and how they live it or how they end it, even, that the advice, that the guidance that you give them is just so much more meaningful because they know that it's coming from a good place.

Laura:                                    01:41                     I don't see so much defensiveness from our patients. I see a lot of questioning and I welcome that because I know they're questioning anyway. I know they're going home and they're looking things up on the internet or they're asking their friends and their family, so I want them to come to me with those questions. Let's talk about it. Let's talk about what are your concerns and what barriers might you have to starting this new medication and let's-let's talk about it. So...

Lena:                                     02:01                     And the network is there, you know, like you were saying in the job you had before you felt alone. And now that you're able to contact a specialist and get some feedback in minutes, and the fact that you know that you're a part of a team and there's someone there that has a different experience level than you, then you're able to get that information too. Because we don't have all the answers. And we are a team, and it is collaborative, and that feels a lot better.

Optum Care providers strive to keep patients well-informed to help them make educated decisions about their health.

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