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Management opportunities

Optum Care gives providers opportunities for upward mobility.

David:                                   00:10                     When I first started practicing medicine, it-it was all about—go in, put my medi-medical knowledge to use. Uh, administration, managing other providers, going into the logistics of how a practice is run—all that was very daunting to me and not really even something I was that interested in initially. And then I started to see, "hey, the management around me, they seem to really enjoy their job, maybe some something I wouldn't be interested in." Through Optum Care, we're able to consider advancements, such as becoming a medical director like myself. I manage 10 different clinics. I manage anywhere between 75 providers at a time. And definitely Optum Care has provided opportunity.

Lena:                                     00:56                     Many of us go into practice with the idea of, "I'm going to be a doctor and go in and see patients." And you do that every day and all day long and in and out—And thinking that management or leadership is for somebody else. Somebody else that's—they're already—they're talented in that way and they're gonna go that way anyway. And to have the support there, the positivity and the tools to show you that you do really have that within you, and that you can implement it, and not only do you learn so much about yourself and the strengths that you do have that you may not have realized before, but then how you can help those around you to elevate themselves as well.

Neil:                                       01:32                     There's so many different ways to advance that you really don't think of when you're a doctor. You just go there to see patients. But you really do get the chance to focus on your skills and also your talents to really grow with that so whether it's with computers or technology or research or patient care or scheduling templates or ergonomics or how the office is set up—there's so many different people who grow into these roles and really do help us get to the successes where we're at every day.

Lena:                                     01:57                     Then when you do have ideas, that you feel like they are possible to implement. That you're not stuck in the-if you have something that, gosh, maybe we could do this better, somebody is going to hear you and that you might have that tools and those resources management to make that change, to make better patient care.

Optum Care gives providers the ability to grow both professionally and personally. Our physicians are provided with the necessary resources and opportunities for upward mobility in their career. 

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