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Parenteral nutrition

Nationwide clinical support, resources and personalized therapy are available for people receiving home parenteral nutrition (HPN).


Support for your life on HPN therapy

Optum® Infusion Pharmacy recognizes that each person has a unique nutrition support journey. We partner with you at each step of your treatment to enhance your quality of life and increase independence. Our nutrition patient liaison team is here to help you — because they’re consumers and caregivers themselves.

We also offer peer support, education, and resources such as our informational PN children's books, Optum StrapWrap® and Optum Intestinal Rehab program.

Expert clinical services

Our HPN team is here to support you and your family. Our infusion pharmacists, nurses and nutrition support dietitians will help you with:

  • Parenteral and enteral nutrition formulation management
  • Individualized parenteral nutrition treatment plans
  • Specialized central venous catheter care and education
  • Comprehensive nutrition assessments
  • A dedicated dietitian who is a Certified Nutrition Support Clinician® (CNSC®)
  • Close collaboration with your local health care team
  • Patient support

Explore our solutions

Optum Intestinal Rehab

This program helps to reduce your need for nutrition support.

The Optum StrapWrap

This medical alert wrap attaches to a seatbelt, backpack or other strap to help first responders find your information quickly.

Children’s books for parenteral nutrition

These books are an engaging way for children to understand parenteral nutrition.

Contact us

Contact our dedicated parenteral nutrition team. Visit our contact page to find the best way to get in touch.

Infusion services

Contact our dedicated parenteral nutrition team. Visit our contact page to find the best way to get in touch.

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Our infusion suites provide a safe, flexible treatment option.

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Our pharmacists, nurses, patient care coordinators and benefits experts deliver full-service infusion care, so patients and providers can focus on treatment, not obstacles.

Our extra care and support includes:

  • Live in-person, virtual or phone support with a clinician
  • Disease- and therapy-specific education, support and tools

Optum Infusion Pharmacy is a leader in parenteral nutrition education. Our courses are available year-round and offer one hour of group virtual or in-person continuing education (CE) credits for registered nurses, registered dietitians and certified case managers.

With more than 100 years of clinical experience, our appeals team’s efforts have helped overturn eight of out 10 coverage denials and have helped more than 2,500 patients whose coverage was previously denied to get the treatments they need.1

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1. 2020 Optum Specialty Pharmacy internal analysis

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