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The Optum promise

For you, health care isn’t just a job. It’s a calling.

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I swear to fulfill,

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to the best of my ability

and judgement, this promise:

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I will respect the hard-won

scientific gains

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of those before me,

and gladly share my knowledge.

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I will use everything in my

power to help the sick.

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I will not be ashamed to say

"I don't know."

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nor will I fail to ask

for support

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when the skills of another

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are needed

for a patient's recovery.

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Most especially I will act

with care

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in matters of life and death.

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I will remember that I do not

treat a fever chart,

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or a cancerous growth,

but a human being.

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May I always act to preserve

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the finest traditions

of my calling

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and may I long experience

the joy of healing

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those who seek my help.

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<i> Behind the scenes</i>

<i> and on the frontlines,</i>

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<i> our health care providers</i>

<i> make a promise.</i>

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<i> We help them keep it.</i>

<i> Optum.</i>

You've made a promise to help keep patients healthy, help heal the sick, cherish life and answer everyone who comes to you. Now more than ever, your promise is being put to the test. From preventing burnout to providing proper PPE to 80,000 Optum clinicians, we give you the support you need to bring your words to life. 

With insights from our Optum Care providers, we share best practices, research and more