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Becoming a doctor

Why did you become a doctor?

Why did you become a doctor?

Randy Colquitt:     00:09          I always knew I wanted to be a doctor. There was never a time in my life that it was a question in my mind. I was raised in a medical family. My father was a surgeon, my mother was a nurse. And so, I was in that environment from the very beginning. I began going to the hospitals with my dad when I was in middle school.


Paula Hall:         00:28          I became a doctor because my dad was a doctor and he enjoyed taking care of patients. I can remember, as a kid, patients calling our home phone asking him questions and he enjoyed taking care of patients and I wanted to have as much fun as he did. I wanted to be able to develop those relationships and care for people.


Fernando M.:        00:51          The reason I became a physician was it's the only thing I've ever wanted to do. I like helping people, I love science, and the art of interacting with people to make a difference in their lives.


Ellen Parrill:      01:03          I was really just fascinated with biology and medicine so I think the first thing that attracted me was just the science of medicine. And then as I got further into it, it was really more patient care and the relationships with the patient that has, I guess, kept me going all these years.


Vishal Malpani:     01:21          I knew I wanted to become a physician when I saw the compassion and the care that my father, who is a physician himself, provided for the patients that he took care of.


Nancy Boerner:      01:32          I became a physician because I wanted to use what I'd been given. I was fortunate to have parents that sacrificed, grandparents that sacrificed after they came to this country. And I felt that I'd been given an opportunity. So wanting to use all that had gone before, I decided to use it to help people with their health.


James Celestin:     01:53          My parents, as immigrants, really put a strong emphasis on education. Being the first in my family to go into medicine, et cetera, all these things sort of became goals for me. Medicine seemed to be able to allow me to sort of use all my strengths. And eventually, I was able to achieve it.


Tarek Elsawy:       02:11          The classic answer, I wanted to help people. It's really more complicated than that. I don't know that there's anything quite as sophisticated or elegant as studying human behavior, human medicine, or the biological behavior of human beings is remarkable.

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