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Virtual care: safe and easy health care

See your doctor from the comfort of your home.

Understand your test results

Learn what questions you need to ask.

10 ways to deal with stress

Learn helpful tools to help you with daily stress.


Get your flu shot today

Stay healthy this flu season.

Get the facts about monkeypox

What you need to know to stay safe and informed.

How to deal with holiday stress

Stay calm and enjoy your holiday season.

Make the most of your shut-eye

Small changes can improve sleep quality.

Feeling SAD?

Tips that can help.

Flu shots and COVID-19

Learn why this year is more important to get your flu shot.

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Now is the perfect time for everyone to be proactive.

Understanding depression

Know the signs, what you can do and when to get help.

How to talk to your doctor

Make the most of your doctor’s visit with these tips on how to play an active role in your care plan.

The signs of skin cancer

Take the preventive steps to protect your skin.

Simple exercises to improve your balance

Balance is key to everyday movement.

Farmers market tips

Keep these useful tips on hand for your next trip.

Tips to stop the spread of flu germs

Help keep you and your loved ones healthy.

3 red foods for a healthier heart

Take control of your diet for your heart and you.

Help improve your health by decluttering

Tidying up can be good for both mind and body.

Have you had "the talk" about advance care planning?

Few of us plan for this important event.

What your BMI says about your health

Learn what this tool can do.

Be S.M.A.R.T.

Learn how to make health goals that work.

What to do about your cholesterol

Read the basics on cholesterol and how to lower it.

Two truths and a lie about wearing face masks

Wearing a mask is just one step in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

10 tips for cutting back on sugar

It's all about balance and finding what works for you.

If you’re too sick to speak, who will speak for you?

Get started with an advance care plan today.

Missing from the MS narrative

In this series, Victoria Reese shares candidly about symptoms, diagnosis, inequities — and how to better support the Black MS community.

Victoria Reese, a mom, media pro and Black woman with MS

In this 4-week series, she shares candidly about symptoms, diagnosis, inequities — and how to better support the Black MS community.

Help advance MS research and representation

Whether MS affects you or a loved one today, in the future or never, your involvement can make a difference.

Until It’s Fixed: A Health Care Podcast – Season 3

Join us on the inspiring journey to create a healthier world — and make health care simpler and more effective for everyone

Pneumonia vaccines and older adults

Learn about your chances of getting sick and how to stay safe.

"You don't look sick": Coping with the symptoms of MS

Multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms aren’t easy to see. Optum helps patients with MS manage all their symptoms — seen and unseen.

My 17-year journey with multiple sclerosis

Read about one woman’s experience navigating symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of MS.

Stay healthy this flu season

Get a flu shot early to protect yourself and your community.

Showing up every day when you have MS

Read how Sarah Wolf manages her multiple sclerosis and helps Optum strengthen pharmacy services.