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What is a health care FSA?

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Health Care Flexible Spending Account


Making your money work for you. That’s the idea behind the Optum Financial health care flexible spending account, or FSA. Offered through your employer, an FSA is a smart, income tax-free way to help you pay for eligible medical expenses.

It’s simple to enroll. Decide how much you want to set aside from your paycheck – before it’s taxed -- for eligible health care expenses during your benefits plan year. When the year starts, all of that money is put into your FSA. You don’t have to wait for it.

When it’s time to pay for eligible expenses, you can use a personal check or a credit card. Just submit a claim request online – or use our mobile app. Either way, you’ll be able to easily keep track of your transactions anytime, anywhere.

As you get started, there are a few things to remember. Check your plan documents to see what expenses are covered. Generally, things like doctor visits, eye exams and diagnostic tests are covered. Things like cosmetic surgery, teeth whitening or vitamins are typically not covered.

An FSA is also a “use it or lose it” account. Some plans have a grace period or a carryover provision, but if you don’t use all your FSA dollars in a given year -- you’ll typically lose the remaining cash.

Finally, an FSA is also a great supplement to other eligible health accounts you may have – be it a health reimbursement account or a dependent care FSA.

Together, it all works for you. Check your benefit information to see if you’re eligible. The Optum Financial health care flexible spending account. The smart, income tax-free way to pay for eligible health care expenses!

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Video on what health care flexible spending accounts (FSAs) are and how they work.

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