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New account holder checklist

Congrats on opening a health savings account (HSA). As you start your journey to a healthier future, let’s learn more about your new HSA.

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Let’s learn the basics

An HSA is a triple tax-advantaged account that helps you pay for qualified medical expenses from bandages to braces, and contacts to chiropractors. The money you contribute to your HSA goes in, grows and comes out income tax-free when used for qualified medical expenses. You know you’re going to need it — so why not save on taxes, too?

You can use your HSA to pay for the qualified medical expenses of anyone you claim on your taxes, even if you’re only enrolled with single coverage. This is a great way to plan for unexpected medical expenses, from your deductible to an ER visit, for the whole family.

Start saving today with your HSA

The easiest way to shop and pay for qualified expenses is with your HSA card. Simply check out online or in store and the money automatically comes out of your pre-tax account, giving you automatic savings. It’s like having a 30%* off coupon every time you use your card.

Review the checklist below to start making the most of you HSA saving so it is there when you need it — now or in the future.

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HSA new user checklist

  1. Activate your HSA card
  • Your HSA card is the fastest and most convenient way to pay for qualified expenses. You can pay for everyday items like bandages, sunscreen, glasses, prescriptions, doctors visits and much more. Plus you save up to 30%* since you’re using pre-tax dollars.
  • What can I buy

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  1. Let's get you registered
  • Register for your HealthSafe ID so you can easily sign in to your online account and check your balance, deposit funds and much more.

Create your online account

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  1. Boost your balance
  • Contribute to your HSA today so you always have funds when you need them. Set up or increase payroll contributions, a one-time deposit or a recurring deposit.

Set up contributions

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  1. Get ahead on taxes
  • Your HSA is a tax-advantaged account that can help you pay for qualified medical expenses for you and anyone you claim on your taxes. Learn more about how to start saving for future health care costs now and into retirement.

HSA tax center

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  1. Download the mobile app
  • Manage your HSA anywhere with the mobile app. Make deposits, track payments and capture receipts while you're on the go.

Learn more

*Assuming a 30% combined tax rate from all applicable federal, state, and FICA taxes. Results and amount will vary depending on your circumstances.