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About the Press Ganey survey

The Press Ganey survey gathers information about doctors.

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Press Ganey is a leader in offering surveys and has been doing surveys for more than 30 years. Their surveys help health care organizations like ours improve the safety, quality and experience of patient care. 

The Press Ganey survey is a list of questions that asks patients about their experience with their doctor. The questions ask about how patients feel about their doctor and what they think when they see their doctor. 

Who receives the survey?

Patients are randomly selected to take part in the survey. If a patient is selected, they get a survey soon after their visit with us. The patient may get the survey by text message, email or regular mail.  

What questions does Press Ganey ask?

The Press Ganey survey asks questions about how it went when the patient visited their doctor. The questions also ask about communication. The patient answers help us improve how our doctors talk with and listen to patients overall. 

The patients survey answers also help us understand how patients feel and think about the care they get from us. Press Ganey has many different patient surveys about the types of care we offer and the places we offer it. 

The patient survey answers help us understand a patient's overall time with us. 

Visitors to our website can find scores about our doctors based on patient survey answers.

The scores include: 

  • How likely are you to suggest a friend or family member should see your doctor?
  • How well did your doctor explain your medical problem?
  • Did your doctor listen to your questions or worries?
  • Did your doctor include you in your care decisions?
  • Did your doctor talk to you about your care choices?

Why don't all doctors have scores listed?

We don't show ratings or reviews for doctors that work in urgent care, hospitals or with anesthesia, a medicine that helps a patient with pain in surgery. 

We also don't show ratings for doctors with less than 30 surveys. We have to wait until we have at least 30 surveys for a doctor to show the average score on our website.