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Optum New Mexico

Accepted health plans


We accept most health insurance plans

We accept new patients with many different types of health insurance plans.


Health maintenance organizations (HMO)

When you have an HMO insurance plan, you choose a medical network and a primary care doctor who oversees your care.


Preferred provider organization (PPO)

When you have a PPO insurance plan, you can see a larger network of doctors for your care without a referral.


Medicare plans

We accept most Medicare plans, including Original Medicare, Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage.

We make it easy to get the care you need

We accept most major health plans. Visit each plan's website for more information. We also accept Original Medicare.

When you make an appointment with us, please ask if we accept your plan. Accepted plans may vary by location. You can also call your health plan and ask if you can see one of our doctors.

For help with your Medicare plan, talk to your health plan or insurance agent. If you don't have an agent, call one of these agencies:

Their agents will meet with you and answer your questions. They’ll also help you find a plan that covers your doctor visits and your medicines.

Contact Medicare

Visit Or call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-877-486-2048, TTY 711), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Don’t see your plan?

If you aren’t sure what type of health insurance plan you have, check your health insurance card. If you can’t find the information there, you can:

  • Call your chosen Optum clinic to see if it accepts your health plan.
  • Call your health insurance company to find out if you can see an Optum doctor.


There are several differences between a health maintenance organization (HMO) and preferred provider organization (PPO) plan. They differ in the size of the plan network, ability to see specialists, plan costs and coverage for out-of-network services.


  • HMOs:
    • Coordinate your care through a network of doctors and hospitals. You pick a medical network and one primary care doctor within that network.
    • Your primary care doctor coordinates your care and works closely with the hospitals, specialists and other providers in your medical network.
    • Your HMO plan usually won't pay for any visits to health care providers who are not in your medical network.
  • PPOs:
    • Have a larger network of medical providers. This gives PPO patients more flexibility in choosing doctors.
    • You don’t have to select a primary care doctor. You can go to any health care professional you want without a referral — inside or outside of your network.
    • There are network benefits and out-of-network benefits. If you stay inside your PPO network, you’ll pay less for your medical services. If you go outside of your PPO network, you might have to pay more.

No. Optum isn’t an insurance plan. We’re a group of doctors who contract with most major health insurance plans. These include HMOs, PPOs, Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage and supplement plans. These may vary by office location.

Call the office you want to go to and see if it accepts your health plan. You can also call your health plan and ask if you can choose an Optum doctor.

Your insurance plan may require a copayment at your doctor's visit. We accept Visa, American Express, Discover and Mastercard.

Please note, we do not accept cash, checks or automatic bill pay.


Accepted health plans

  • Medicare Advantage Basic HMO
  • Medicare Advantage Select HMO
  • Medicare Advantage Choice Plus PPO
  • Dual Care Plus HMO (DSNP)
  • Dual Care Plus Preferred PPO (DSNP)
  • Commercial (including UNM Health)
  • Medicaid



  • Gold Plus HMO
  • Choice PPO
  • Value Plus PPO
  • Commercial



  • AARP Medicare Advantage HMO-POS
  • AARP Medicare PPO
  • AARP Medicare Advantage Patriot no Rx
  • Complete Assure (PPO CSNP)
  • Commercial


  • Medicare Advantage Senior Care Plan HMO 1 & 2
  • Medicare Advantage UltraFlex HMO-POS
  • Medicare Advantage MediCare PPO
  • Dual Plus HMO (DSNP)
  • Employer Group Medicare and Retiree Plans
  • Commercial (including UNM Health)
  • Medicaid



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