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Better health care for LGBTQ+ people of color

Understanding the challenges can help us to overcome them.

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Discriminatory treatment

LGBTQ+ people have been refused care, subjected to ridicule and worse. This happens when seeking treatment for an ailment, while visiting a family member in the hospital or celebrating a child’s birth.

Overcoming challenges and building trust

A study found that LGBTQ+ people of color experienced discriminatory care, refusal of care, and harsh or improper treatment at higher rates than white LGBTQ+ participants.

We're working to overcome the health care challenges LGBTQ+ patients face. Our aim is to help all LGBTQ+ people to feel comfortable, cared for and respected when visiting a doctor or any other care provider.

Learn about programs designed to rebuild relationships and help LGBTQ+ patients to find knowledgeable and welcoming providers.

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What will it take to make affordable, quality health care accessible to all?