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Spotlight report: Landmark Health

Learn how an innovative in-home care model extends quality of life while lowering costs for polychronic patients.


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Keeping high-risk patients healthier at home

Patients with complex or polychronic illnesses have often spent much of their time in the hospital. Often, what these patients are looking for is simple-yet-effective treatment that keeps them in their home and in their community.

In this spotlight report, Landmark Health turns the typical in-home care model upside down and analyzes high-risk patients to offer better treatment, onsite personalized care and slowed disease progression. Learn how this innovative care model:

  • Rewards health plans and providers
  • Boosts consumer satisfaction
  • Addresses disease prior to utilization occurring
  • Achieves 20%–25% in gross medical loss ratio improvement

Step into the new wave of in-home patient care and find out how to change the utilization experience for complex and chronically-ill patients.

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