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Better, faster payment delivery experiences

Deliver a better, more efficient process for insurance payments with Optum Financial.

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The new standard for payment delivery

Optum Financial provides a scalable and secure payment delivery platform. We deliver intelligent solutions that create a more connected and streamlined experience.

Our flexible payment delivery solution allows providers and claimants to select from multiple payment methods. We offer ACH, virtual card or check. With a more than 80% electronic adoption rate, you will see ROI on day one.

Real-time access to transactions

Our portal offers streamlined reconciliation and real-time visibility into all payment transactions. It all adds up to ease for you and faster payments for policyholders, service providers, vendors and claimants.

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The highest levels of ease and efficiency

Our solution replaces inflexible payment processes and costly paper checks with easy, safe and low-cost electronic options.


One of the largest payment networks

We move over $300 billion in claim payments annually and we’re trusted by 150+ payers. 1


Frictionless payment reimbursement

Our trusted platform drives year-over-year electronic payment adoption for service providers, policyholders and third-party claimants.


Lower operating costs

Our platform integrates easily into most payers’ current systems. Many see a 44%–80% reduction in administrative costs on day one.2


Built-in fraud protection

Fraud prevention intelligence identifies, prevents and resolves ACH enrollment and insurance claims payment transaction risk.

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