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Mobile clinic

We travel to you with important health screenings and education. Find out if our next stop is near you. 

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Care that comes to your area

The Optum mobile clinic is a recreational vehicle (RV) that travels to different locations.* The mobile clinic will park, and you’ll board the RV for your visit.  

Our mobile clinic services help support your doctor’s care plan. We share all results with your primary care doctor. That way you can follow up, if needed.  

Clinic staff varies by location and may include nurse practitioners and medical assistants. You’ll have a separate, private space to complete your screenings.

Mobile clinic services close to home

The types of screenings and staff available vary by location. Check with your local care team to learn more.


Routine care, shots and lab tests

  • Help with common illnesses, such as colds and flu  
  • Lab tests  
  • Shots 
  • Well-child visits  
  • X-rays  

Tests to help find health problems early

  • Ankle brachial indexes (to find blocked blood vessels) 
  • Bone density tests (bone strength)  
  • Mammograms (breast X-rays)  

Help with diabetes exams and screenings

  • A1c blood tests (blood sugar) 
  • Diabetic peripheral neuropathy tests (for nerve damage)  
  • RetinaVue eye exams 

Other services and specialized tests

  • Annual Wellness Visits 
  • Microalbumin kits (for tests on the kidneys, organs that filter blood)  
  • Spirometry (lung tests) 
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Optum mobile clinic in Utah

Take a virtual tour of our mobile clinic in Utah. It offers an easy, convenient way to get care and general health screenings, including mammograms.

Learn about the Utah mobile clinic

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Optum mobile clinic in New Mexico

We travel to you with important screenings, tests, shots and other care services.

Learn about the New Mexico mobile clinic