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What is a Medicare Advantage plan?

Get a care team focused on you.

Find out if Medicare Advantage is right for you

Many Medicare Advantage plans offer more than Original Medicare. Plan members can save on average $1,640 each year.*


Original Medicare

  • Hospital stays
  • Doctor visits
  • Flu shots and other types of care to keep you healthy

Medicare Advantage

  • Hospital stays
  • Doctor visits
  • Flu shots and other types of care to keep you healthy
  • Prescription drugs
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • No-cost rides to doctor visits
  • Limits your annual out-of-pocket costs
  • Fitness membership and weight loss programs
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Living healthier with Medicare Advantage

Watch this video to learn how Optum helps you find the best insurance plan and primary care team to meet your needs.

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Medicare Advantage plans are among the most popular and fastest growing in the country.*

With Medicare Advantage, you may get more than Original Medicare and employer insurance. Many plans offer:

  • $0 monthly premium, doctor visit copays and prescription drug copays
  • Dental, vision and hearing coverage
  • Gym memberships, free rides to the doctor, and much more

Find out if Medicare Advantage is right for you.

Take your health care to the next level. When you combine one of our primary care doctors with a Medicare Advantage plan, you get a doctor who:

  • Specializes in caring for adults ages 65+
  • Takes the time to listen and answer your questions
  • Leads a dedicated team to make sure you get the care you need
  • Uses the latest technology and trusted research to help keep you well
  • Is in your neighborhood, accepting new patients and ready to see you

Find a doctor near you.

It depends. The enrollment rules may be different if you're turning 65, still working or have health insurance.

That's why we have relationships with trusted local insurance agents across the country. They're experts who can answer all your Medicare questions.

Find an independent agent near you.

Licensed insurance agents are experts on all things Medicare. An agent:

  • Helps you at no cost
  • Represents many insurance companies
  • Can talk you through your Medicare choices

Let us introduce you to a local agent we know and trust.

Find your state and call the number listed.

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New to Medicare

Learn how a licensed insurance agent can help you.

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What our patients and members say

See our patient video to learn how an Optum doctor + Medicare Advantage can offer the best care at a lower cost.

Living healthier with Medicare Advantage guide

Learn three steps to find better care at lower costs with a plan that’s right for you.

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Learn why hundreds of thousands trust Optum with their care.

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Find a doctor and a plan

Explore Optum doctors and Medicare Advantage plans based on your location.

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Get more with Medicare Advantage

Find out and decide if a Medicare advantage plan is right for you.

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*Better Medicare Alliance. State of Medicare Advantage 2021. Published May 2021.