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Find a doctor and Medicare Advantage plan in California

We can help you find the right doctor and Medicare Advantage plan that meet your needs.

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Learn about Medicare Advantage plans near you

See your plan choices below. Then call us. We'll put you in touch with a licensed insurance agent who can help you find the right plan.

Medicare Advantage plans accepted by our doctors

  • Alignment
  • Anthem®
  • Blue Shield®
  • CalOptima OneCareConnect
  • Cigna Alliance (EGWP)®
  • Health Net™
  • Humana®
  • SCAN®
  • UnitedHealthcare®

Don't see your plan?

Call 1-866-312-2094, TTY 711.

Learn more and get help finding a doctor and a plan

Call 1-866-312-2094, TTY 711, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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