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Get the facts: Why Annual Wellness Visits matter

A nurse practitioner explains the importance of an AWV.

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Annual Wellness Visits (AWV)

Elaine Annual Wellness Visit

Speaker 1

Welcome to the Optum Care Community Center. You must be here for your annual Wellness. Visit our nurse practitioner, Elaine is ready to see you. Would you like to follow me back into the clinic?

Speaker 2

Hello, I'm Elaine. Will you join me in the exam room?

We're here for the annual Wellness visit and I want to speak a little bit about what that is and what it isn't. Contrast it to something you may be quite familiar with the annual physical exam that takes place in your primary care's office. That is something that happens every year. It's a head-to-toe physical access assessment when you can actually expect to be examined by your provider. We're very familiar with that will also go over your medication list. They'll look at any diagnostic testing you may need for that year. To keep those other chronic conditions in check, if you will. Where today we're going to have an annual Wellness visit and that is actually a dialogue. A conversation between you and I looking at what is in your own current history, what you have risk factors from based on family history and consider surgical history that you've had in the past will also look at some of your social behaviors. And see how they're impacting your overall health. It gives us an opportunity to examine where do we go next? One of the things we may do while we're here is look at certain types of screening exams. Based on the conversation that we had. That would help us move to that next level of getting you to be in a state of prevention. Certain things may be triggers for me if I know that you have a family history of diabetes, I may want to explore that and look at what testing may be warranted for that. Additionally, if you're going to tell me that, perhaps you have a smoking history or you're at need for possibly a little weight loss, how can we? Partner with you to get you on a plan. To get again for you to be the best you possible and so other parts of the exam that we can expect to happen today or we get your height and weight. We're going to take your blood pressure. We are going to look at what's called the BMI that will help us understand where your weight is. Very simple. Not invasive testing at all, but it helps us as an example to gain more information to help move that preventative plan forward for you. Keeping your future as bright as possible.

Let's get started.

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AWV: a conversation about your health concerns

In this video, you'll learn about Annual Wellness Visits and:

  • What you can expect during your visit
  • Why it's important to have one every year
  • How it differs from your annual physical exam with your primary care doctor

To schedule your AWV today, call 1-877-488-5582.