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Optum Specialty Pharmacy for providers

At Optum® Specialty Pharmacy we make patient referrals, enrollment processes and online prescriptions easy for providers.

How Optum Specialty Pharmacy helps you and your patients

We make a fragmented health care system simpler to navigate. Our team supports providers and advocates for patients throughout treatment.


We're licensed to provide pharmacy support nationwide.

Patient advocacy

We have a 99% satisfaction rate for Optum Therapy Solutions.1

Financial assistance

We secured $478.6 million in third-party assistance in 2020.2

Condition-specific teams

We help patients and providers achieve positive outcomes.

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Our appeals team helps patients

Our appeals team’s efforts have helped overturn eight out of 10 coverage denials.3

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Deliver better care with today’s most powerful oncology medications

Optum® Specialty Pharmacy delivers dedicated support and one-on-one guidance to keep your practice and patients in the know.

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How we help

Quickly prescribe the medication and treatments your patient needs with online enrollment forms, electronic prior authorization and online prescription submissions.

Enrollment forms

E-prescribe using this information:

1050 Patrol Road
Jeffersonville, IN 47130

NPI: 1083045140
NCPDP: 1564930


Find everything you need in one place:

  • View prior authorization status, initiate appeals and see denial history
  • Track prescription status and referral activities with enhanced dashboard views
  • Easily search for patient medication lists, allergy information, diagnosis codes and insurance information
  • Access more features coming soon to streamline your process

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As an approved 340B partner, we help your resources reach more eligible patients and provide more comprehensive services.

Spend less time on paperwork and more time providing great care with secure EMR sharing and automated prior authorizations.

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We accept all major insurance plans. This includes Medicare Part B, Part D, Medicaid and commercial insurance. Copay assistance may be available to patients.

In 2020, funding for the following specialties totaled $478.6 million4:

  • Autoimmune: $247,830,145
  • Cystic fibrosis: $11,722,197
  • Hepatitis C: $7,494,515
  • HIV: $18,154,510
  • Multiple sclerosis: $66,956,397
  • Oncology: $64,683,189

Patients can find support from clinicians and patient care coordinators on their personalized online portal. They can also schedule a virtual visit and connect with other patients on Optum® Connections, a platform featuring advice from clinical experts and testimonials from real patients.

We offer providers of infusion patients a variety of resources, including:

  • Dedicated account managers who will share important information throughout treatment
  • Patient outcomes tracking and data management
  • Access to an appeals team that will create a customized, patient-specific letter with cited medical research
  • Benefit verification and insurance authorization
  • Immunoglobulin-specific forms
  • Optum Patient Exchange, a secure platform that provides insight into therapeutic responses

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