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Market Performance Partnership

Discover how we're accelerating health system performance and mission achievement.

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Make future sustainability a reality

Optum transcends commodity vendor agreements through:

  • Mission and culture alignment
  • Talent retention
  • Investment into local communities

Partnership outcomes can include administrative cost reduction, revenue improvement, cost of care reduction, and an increase of partner Net Patient Revenue (NPR) with a range between $125 million to $1 billion.

What do we offer to your organization?




Unmatched Optum enterprise capabilites and expertise.



Scalable and standardized operations help remove performance variability.



Structured framework for solution roadmap input and prioritization.



Global workforce optimization model support operations 24/7/365.

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How does the strategic partnership work?

A long-term engagement with our partners helps them accelerate performance, growth and innovation.

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Strategic partnership that offers innovation, tech and support

Bassett Healthcare Network enters strategic relationship to advance quality care and improve experiences for patients in central New York.

Advancing care through partnership

Tommy Ibrahim, MD, CEO of Bassett Healthcare Network, in an interview with Mike Valli, executive vice president, Optum, offers advice on the importance of partnership, improving processes, addressing concerns and aligning missions.

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Preserve talent and enable career growth

We provide our partners a viable option for:

  • Ensuring sustainability
  • Helping to preserve local talent
  • Creating new career opportunities for employees transitioning to Optum

Optum delivers predictable health system operations and financial sustainability

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