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A flexible prospective in-office provider engagement program

Through Optum end-to-end resources for providers, including regular touchpoints, in-office training and administrative support, the in-office assessment program helps drive better risk and quality outcomes for members, providers and payers.

The in-office field team supports providers through a variety of channels designed to enhance provider engagement and program success:

  • Monitoring program progress to achieve results
  • Providing documentation and coding education for improved accuracy
  • Coordinating member visits to relieve administrative burden on practice staff
  • Using integrated reporting to ensure efficiency and prevent provider abrasion

The field team also offers training and guidance to practice staff for submitting digital member wellness visit assessments. Practices have the option of using three modalities to submit assessments depending on their needs:

  • Optum gap management portal
  • Electronic health record (EHR) integration
  • Electronic file exchange

Providers and their staff can use these modalities independently or in any combination. By leveraging digital assessments, Optum is able to provide near-real-time risk and quality data within provider workflows and help improve provider efficiency by collecting documentation at the point-of-care.

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What is their role?

  • Support providers and staff

  • Monitor gap closure

  • Maintain relationships

  • Drive incentives

  • Documentation and coding education

  • Monitor program results and progress

  • Coordinate visits and utilize integrated reporting to ensure efficiency and prevent abrasion
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In-office Assessment Team

  • Client performance director

  • Field market directors

  • Field team managers

  • Customer service

  • Medical coding trainers

  • Medical directors

  • Health care advocate


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What are the results?

  • Improved documentation and coding accuracy

  • Increased risk adjustment accuracy and completeness

  • Improved HEDIS and Stars results

  • Increased provider engagement and program participation

  • Improved provider satisfaction rates

  • Reduced administrative burden on practices
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 field agents  Working with 70K providers to manage 50M gaps in care  Delivering $3B of value to clients

See how Optum can drive better risk and quality outcomes for members, health plans and providers.