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Offer Veterans the support they deserve

Learn about Veteran Resource Connector, the unique, whole health service designed to improve the health and well-being of our Veterans. 

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Delivering Veterans health benefits guidance and support 

One of the biggest challenges Veterans and their families face is understanding all the health care options and other benefits available to them. Comparing benefits from employers, VA and other sources is time consuming and can be frustrating. The amount of information can sometimes be overwhelming. Eligibility and costs aren’t always clear.

The solution to these challenges is Veteran Resource Connector, a healthcare advocacy service to guide Veterans to care and support to help improve their lives and health.

Drive better outcomes for your Veteran population

Veteran Resource Connector links Veterans with culturally competent navigators who are trained to address the challenges of having multiple benefit sources. Navigators guide Veterans, their families, caregivers and survivors to specific services, providers and support that will meet their unique whole health needs.

Personalized service for large employers

Offering Veterans and their families this specialized navigation support helps improve their experience seeking and using their multiple benefits. It can lead to improved whole health outcomes, more satisfied employees, increased employee retention and potentially lower costs for Veterans and their employers.

To learn more about Veteran Resource Connector and other services for Veterans, click the link above.

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