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One Assist: Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

Rooted in user-centric design, our AI-enabled contact center solution helps states connect providers and members to the answers they need.  

Intuitive technology-driven cloud contact center

Optum® One Assist was created to improve communication channels for state Medicaid and HHS agencies. Built in the cloud and powered by artificial intelligence (AI), One Assist can respond dynamically to client needs. Improve operational efficiency and deliver a seamless user experience — all from one integrated platform.

One Assist meets stakeholder needs at every level

With One Assist, you can meet the nuanced needs of providers, members and state staff with a single solution:

  • Providers: Providers can get support on questions about member enrollment and eligibility, EDI, incentive programs, utilization management, claims, prior authorization and more.
  • Members: Members can get support on the status of their enrollment, utilization management, verifying prior authorization, scheduling appointments and other general service questions.
  • State staff: State staff benefit from tech-driven services that help reduce contact center costs when combined with our expertise, trained agents, workforce management and cybersecurity programs.

Why state agencies rely on contact center solutions

Contact centers support critical services. They require modern solutions to improve member and provider experiences and enhance efficiency.


Provide a smarter, more intuitive experience

Our virtual assistants use AI to interpret what a caller needs to get them to the right team or self-service application, with 24/7 support.


Scale and deploy on demand

Built from scratch to live in the cloud, One Assist is easier to integrate, allows APIs into all data and can deploy and scale rapidly.


Reduce turnover of contact center agents

Contact center agents get ongoing training through quality assessments, coaching, self-evaluations and scenario-based training. 


Improve quality with technology and tools

Voice analytics and sentiment analysis can be used in real time, or on recorded interactions. This feedback provides valuable insights.

Boost efficiency with customized reporting

Contact center leaders can create multiple personalized dashboards to view all insights and information needed at a glance. 

Deliver consistency for members and providers

All channels are integrated to deliver a consistent experience and allow contact center agents to seamlessly transfer callers. 

Configure security controls for access

One Assist is 100% MARS-E compliant and built on a FedRAMP platform so states can configure roles-based access.

Modernize your contact center operations today

Speak with a representative to learn how One Assist can help take your contact center to the next level.