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A/R Recovery and Denial Management

Our resources bring best practices into your system.


Solutions that reduce denials and speed up A/R recovery

To improve your revenue cycle operational results, you need the right people, processes and technology. Optum provides customized accounts receivable (A/R) and denial management solutions to meet your organization’s needs across a variety of functional areas supporting revenue recovery.

Managed services that integrate into your current workflow

Our managed services teams are supported with efficient, state-of-the-art technology that provides an intelligent, automated workflow. We can integrate our technology into your operations to deliver robust intelligence, actionable reporting and additional functionality.

Supplement your staff with outsourced A/R recovery teams

Our recovery specialists are tenured, HFMA-certified professionals who can deliver around-the-clock results. And we offer flexible engagement options to deploy A/R recovery teams to work on backlogs, fill in during staff shortages or supplement your team during a core system conversion.

Root cause analysis for better denials management

Identifying root causes of denied claims is essential to a successful denial prevention strategy. We equip our recovery teams with configurable technology that reveals opportunities for denial prevention through process improvement.

Strengthening operations to accelerate cash flow


Reduction of A/R days

We achieved a 10% decrease in ambulatory A/R days for one client.


Improvement in aged A/R

We achieved a $420 million YOY improvement in gross A/R over 90 days from discharge for one client.


Decades of revenue cycle experience

We integrate expertise and technology into your system.

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