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Claims Reimbursement Solutions

Drive revenue integrity with proven services and technology.


Streamline claims with reimbursement services and technology

Bring in best-in-class services powered by today’s leading reimbursement technology to reduce denials and improve recovery. We can satisfy short-term resource demands or design long-term engagements for operational efficiency.

Consult with our team of advisory experts

With Optum, you have access to dedicated, experienced professionals who understand payer rules and regulatory guidelines. You get help with immediate needs along with guidance to help you sustain performance, efficiency and accuracy.

Why Optum is a trusted resource for reimbursement solutions

Our experts, technology and managed services combine to help you rapidly improve cash flow, address staffing needs and develop long-term process improvements. Explore your options for effectively managing denials, A/R, underpayments and other complex claims.

Streamlining revenue collection and improving yield



Resubmission expenses avoided

On average, each Optum client avoids $5 million of resubmission expenses per year.


Outsource denial appeals

Optum has completed over 1 million complex denial appeals for clients.


Improve overturn rate

Optum maintains an 85% overturn rate for Medicare clinical denials.

The Optum solution gave us reliable data to find a state error, saving our organization $20 million annually.

Director of finance

Explore our solutions

A/R recovery and denial management

Our A/R Recovery and Denial Management solutions optimize your RCM workflow.

Speak with us about our reimbursement solutions

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