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HIM Performance Outsourcing

Take a modern approach to financial resilience.


How Health Information Management affects revenue cycle

The modern framework of Optum Health Information Management (HIM) Outsourcing delivers a path to resilience that leverages decades of middle revenue cycle expertise and industry-leading technology, without capital investment.

Why more organizations are relying on HIM outsourcing companies

Providers need a path to long-term financial resilience that supports critical priorities and elevates performance. HIM Performance Outsourcing assumes full responsibility over health information management operations. It standardizes and drives efficiencies across HIM functions while improving your organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs).

Ways Optum can partner with you to improve your HIM systems

We take a forward-looking approach to workforce optimization and couple it with advanced technology and best practice methodologies. This helps improve financial outcomes, drive innovation and achieve early and consistent impact.

A modern outsourcing framework to deliver a complete solution

Optum invests $8.6 billion annually in the latest innovation and technology and aligns incentives to your outcomes — so you can focus on your core mission.


Improve financial outcomes

Provide immediate and sustained reduction in operating costs.


Technology gain without capital spending

Drive efficiencies and accuracy across the organization.


Innovation with workflow optimization

Align purpose and people with value stream improvements.


Early and consistent impact

Accelerate speed to value, continuous improvement and results.

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