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Optum LYNX Outpatient Charge Capture

An extensive charge capture solution that helps protect revenue and supports compliant and consistent charging across outpatient operations.


Aid accurate charge capture across your hospital organization

We have developed a comprehensive charge capture solution with proprietary algorithms to capture resource utilization and patient care complexity for consistent charging across outpatient operations.

Optum® LYNX Outpatient Charging Applications are available for:

  • Emergency departments
  • Clinic
  • Oncology
  • Observation
  • Infusion services

Each application integrates with several existing EMR workflows to meet each department’s specific needs.

Our technology uses regulatory guidelines maintained by industry experts to facilitate clinic and hospital charge capture and code assignment. These guidelines drive consistency by assigning the same charges for identical services across an organization.

A trusted solution in the industry

For more than 30 years, the results of the Optum LYNX algorithms have been evaluated hospital-by-hospital and record-by-record. Clients can be confident the appropriate charges are calculated for the services provided.

When or if your encounter requires additional review, based upon hospital configurations, it may be moved to a new work queue for easy identification. Within the validation work queue, the end user can view the clinical and charging/coding data side by side, along with specific edits to show where the reviewer should focus.

Infusion and injection calculations are included across multiple service lines including the emergency department to observation services in a single pass.

An application that improves charge accuracy and compliance

For emergency departments

The Optum LYNX Emergency department Charging Application helps ensure compliance and achieve consistency in the emergency department.

Our algorithm uses a unique combination of chief complaints plus other notable clinical resources utilized during the encounter to calculate a facility visit level that is accurate and defendable. Comprehensive validation engine and configurable workflows support facility operations and accurate claim submission and reimbursement.

For observation and infusion services

Our solution can help hospitals achieve compliant and consistent charging for observation services. The application calculates appropriate observation charges and reconciles exclusion or carve-out time as well as infusion and injections.

For clinics

The application integrates unique clinic workflows to capture consistent facility visit levels and calculate charges based on a variety of factors, such as complicated intravenous administration and coding rules.

Maintain consistency with Lynx Outpatient Charge Capture



Protect the revenue stream

Reduce denials and ensure correct reimbursement.


Maintain consistency

Avoid manual updates with our software-as-a-service model.


Stay compliant

Align facility visit-level calculation with OPPS guidelines.

Success story

Align visit-level decisions to support reimbursement accuracy

LYNX Outpatient Charge Capture time-tested proprietary algorithms to identify codes and calculate appropriate facility visit levels to increase both efficiency and consistency.


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