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Enterprise CAC and CDI 3D

Technology is powered by Optum Clinical Language Intelligence on one platform.


Coding and CDI 3D technology

Optum® Enterprise Computer Assisted Coding is powered by Clinical Language Intelligence™ (CLI) to review medical records and helps deliver comprehensive, accurate code suggestions. It automates and optimizes hospital coding operations and increases efficiency. It also supports accurate revenue integrity, higher coding accuracy and reduced denials.

Moving CDI technology forward, faster

CDI 3D provides automated clinical case-finding technology that identifies cases with documentation deficiencies. This advanced technology identifies coding specificity and clinical clarification opportunities, potential quality and risk-adjustment events and cases at risk for clinical validation denials.

Enterprise CAC and CDI 3D technology transform hospital billing

Enterprise CAC and CDI 3D share a single integrated platform that enables greater clinical documentation improvement and coder labor efficiency, clinical consistency and communication across departments. The Audit & Compliance Module identifies cases at risk for denial and helps hospitals and facilities proactively target pre-bill audits and automatically route through efficient workflow. Dynamic Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics includes data exports and dashboard visualizations using Power BI for performance monitoring.

Clinical Language Intelligence (CLI) automation that empowers you

Our CLI recommends codes by understanding clinical concepts. It performs 100% concurrent automated record reviews and identifies cases needing prioritization based on documentation clarification opportunity.

Experience seamless coding and CDI collaboration

Receive complete and accurate coding and clinical documentation on a single integrated platform.

Accelerate your CDI workflow

Capture the complete patient encounter and proactively prevent denials and audits.

Enterprise CAC and CDI 3D modules



Coding and Reimbursement

This module supports accurate case completion with our coding tools.


Audit and Compliance Manager

This module identifies cases at risk for denial, enabling hospitals to proactively target pre-bill audits.


LYNX Outpatient Infusion Charging

LYNX Outpatient Infusion Charging module uses a proprietary algorithm to correctly charge for infusion and injection services.


Medical Reference Engine

Medical Reference Engine offers a database of reference books.


Analytics and Reporting

Dynamic business data and analytics include data exports and dashboard visualizations using Power BI performance monitoring.



This module provides flexible work queue parameters and prioritizes CDI based on potential impact.

Case Study

Banner Health advances their CDI program with advanced analytics

Leveraging advanced analytics helped Banner Health expand their focus on quality and risk-adjustment initiatives.


Success story

John Muir Health improves coding and CDI efficiency

Since implementing Enterprise CAC, Professional CAC and CDI 3D solutions, JMH sees significant advancements in clinical intelligence and workflow automation.

Learn how to advance your CDI/coding analytics with this demo

physician working on his smartphone between patients

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