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Professional Computer Assisted Coding (CAC)

CAC powered by Clinical Language Intelligence (CLI) improves accuracy.


The comprehensive solution for professional coding

Optum® Professional CAC is an advanced coding solution that harnesses the power of our patented Clinical Language Intelligence™ (CLI) technology to automate medical coding and charge capture processes. With Optum Professional CAC, you can streamline coding workflows, reduce manual coding efforts and improve coding accuracy, leading to reduced denial rates, accelerated payments and increased revenue capture. Our comprehensive automation capabilities allow you to optimize coding edits and charge capture processes, saving time and resources while ensuring accurate and compliant coding.

Consistent coding

Optum CLI automates code assignment to protect reimbursement and improve coder efficiency and bottom-line performance.

Automated coding

Optum Professional CAC automates coding of specific encounters and improves productivity and functionality of ambulatory coding with a single, standardized platform across all locations and regions.

Revenue preservation

Automate and streamline continuous documentation review and coding updates, minimizing manual work and speeding revenue recovery.

Add-on CAC modules



Coding Review Module

Our powerful tool leverages advanced automation capabilities to improve coding accuracy and reduce risk.


Reconciliation Module

Address the challenges associated with reconciliation while simultaneously improving audit outcomes.


Coding Audit Module

Leverage proprietary algorithms and CLI to automate and accelerate compliant coding and reduce audit risk.

Success story

John Muir Health improves coding and CDI efficiency

Since implementing Enterprise CAC, Professional CAC and CDI 3D solutions, JMH sees significant advancements in clinical intelligence and workflow automation.



Professional Computer Assisted Coding (CAC)

Learn how Optum can support you with accurate, thorough and efficient coding for optimal operations and accurate revenue capture.

Learn how CAC can improve your revenue cycle