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Claims Management Solutions

Accelerate cash flow by improving claims accuracy.


Achieve higher first-pass payment rates with our claims management solutions

Optum streamlines the claims process from preparation and submission to payer response. Powerful content and rules-based editing can eliminate needless feedback loops between providers and payers, screening and correcting claims before they leave your system.

Our proactive approach improves claims integrity and boosts first-pass payment rates. This claims management solution protects health organizations from avoidable rework, delays and denials.

Outsource the claims process to Optum support teams

Our claims management solutions ensure a streamlined claims process with less rework and denials. And our service and support teams keep you compliant with payer regulations and guidelines.

Improve revenue identification and claim submission



Process more claims

We process 60 million claims per month for our customers.


Improve processing speed

Our average transaction processing speed is 2 seconds.


Easily identify unbilled revenue

We identify an average of $1.54 million in annual unbilled revenue for our clients.

We have always been impressed with the results from Claims Manager, and the efficiency, accuracy and cost savings this solution consistently delivers.

VP of revenue systems

Claims Manager client

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Learn how Optum can help you improve the claims process