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Provider Analytics and Practice Growth

Our comprehensive administration solutions and analytics help you scale more efficiently with customized, self-managed tools.

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Health care market research

  • Use precision marketing to attract new patients with our consumer data platform sources.
  • Identify prospects to increase specialist and PCP (primary care provider) referrals.
  • Evaluate consumer behavior and demographics to assess market opportunities.
  • Make data-driven decisions to help drive practice growth.
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Administrative and provider portals

  • Allow staff to self-manage office and clinical protocols for more accurate patient matching.
  • Give teams online scheduling and reporting tools for better collaboration.
  • Streamline tasks with seamless EHR integration. 
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Front-end revenue cycle technology

  • Simplify your medical billing management.
  • Digitally link payment options to patient accounts.
  • Automate your revenue cycle management (RCM) services, reducing bad debt and speeding up collections.
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Case study

Using digital scheduling technology to better meet patient needs

Learn how Optum technology helped ProHealth Physicians with customized analytics solutions. With our tools, Connecticut’s leading community-based medical provider met goals for growing patient volume, reduced no-show rates and improved patient outcomes.

Learn more
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Leverage customized practice management solutions

We help you improve your long-term planning and cut down on inefficient administrative tasks so you can deliver high-quality care.

We offer you a wide range of tools tailored to your needs. Get seamless electronic medical record (EMR) integration to real-time practice insights and more.

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Get comprehensive practice management solutions customized for you

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