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Physician Review for Workflow Management

Optimize your review and compliance processes with the next generation of workflow management.


As providers work to meet mandates from The Joint Commission and other organizations, Optum has re-imagined its Physician Review module to support:

  • Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE)
  • Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE)
  • Peer review
  • DNV credentialing and re-credentialing processes

This unified workflow module provides a one-stop solution to streamline all types of review processes within your health system.

Save time, reduce costs and improve quality

Representative client successes include:*

  • 96% reduction in time to create and screen OPPE reviews for over 2,000 physicians
  • 0.59-day reduction in length of stay after engaging physicians with their data
  • 29.9 minutes on average saved per OPPE report generated
  • $985,000 actual CMI-adjusted cost savings from reduced length of stay after establishing a robust OPPE process and data transparency culture

How consistent review processes build trust and engagement

Beyond accreditation and compliance mandates, our Physician Review module helps to build trust and engage providers and staff in managing, and being accountable for, their own performance.

Health system operations:

  • Improve accreditation, audit and compliance processes
  • Improve patient access
  • Reduce cost of inpatient care through utilization variation reduction
  • Reduce procedural cost per case
  • Reduce excess days, unnecessary contract labor and overtime

Clinical and quality:

  • Reduce excess days, readmissions, complications and mortality

What makes Physician Review different?



Workflow automation

Automated review creation, due dates and reminders, and performance measures help to manage your review cycles for you.


AI-enabled actionable performance feedback

Customizable algorithms yield automated provider performance assessments and root-cause summaries of performance opportunity drivers.


Enriched performance measures library

Over 1,000 customizable performance measures offer improved support, expanded national benchmarking and risk-adjustment methodology.


Mobile responsiveness for monitoring

Your time is valuable. Smartphone and tablet optimization allows you to monitor the review cycle and sign reviews from anywhere.

*Based on mutually agreed-upon ROI from all clients.