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Rare disease research

Our combined real-world data and extensive therapeutic expertise supports evidence generation strategies for rare disease.


Creating an evidence generation strategy

There are 7,000 distinct types of rare and genetic disease, affecting about 1 in 10 people in the United States.1 However, up to 95% of rare diseases lack an FDA-approved treatment.2

The natural history of rare disease is often poorly understood, and well-characterized efficacy endpoints are not available. In addition, health care coding systems under-represent populations with these conditions. 

The Optum HEOR team uses real-world data to fill out a clearer picture of a treatment’s effectiveness and patient’s experience. The team can help you: 

  • Quantify existing treatment patterns and demonstrate effectiveness of treatments using electronic health record (EHR) data
  • Define rules to help clients identify relevant patient populations
  • Understand patient and provider perspectives through panel data and Voice-to-Claim research
  • View the pre- and post-diagnosis patient journey using data to understand symptoms, treatments, outcomes, health care utilization, and pharmacy and medical costs
  • Find patterns in data associated with prediction and progression using modeling and machine learning
  • Define and measure rare disease outcomes to collaborate on a value-based contract

Gain invaluable insights about rare disease

Discover risk factors for developing a disease

Get the treatment selection and line of therapy

Gain short- and long-term outcomes and costs

Discover complications that require supportive care

White paper

Using RWD to close the rare disease data gap

Explore the ways pharma is addressing challenges in rare disease, investing in the space and leveraging real-world data.

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Complementary solutions

Strengthen your value story with HEOR

Tap into our expertise in health economics and outcomes research.

Voice-to-Claim Research

The Optum® HEOR Primary Data Collection (PDC) team focuses on real-world evidence generation through primary and secondary data.

Engage payers with value-based contracts

Assess the fit, develop metrics and track care outcomes over time.


Better understand diseases and drug development opportunities.

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