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In-office assessment program overview

Spend more time on patients and less on administrative tasks


A better approach to quality programs

The in-office assessment program supports early detection and ongoing assessment of chronic conditions for health plans’ Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and Affordable Care Act patients. 

The goal is to help ensure that eligible patients receive a comprehensive annual exam. It also supports a variety of quality programs, including HEDIS® and Stars.

Optum offers an administrative reimbursement to providers as well as a suite of complimentary resources designed to help relieve administrative burden.

Providers also have access to a dedicated team of field agents, available virtually or in person. Field agents:

    • Provide coding and documentation education
    • Help coordinate patient visits
    • Monitor program progress to achieve results

Download the brochure below to learn how The Toledo Clinic worked with Optum to improve quality of care, raise care gap closure rates, and improve provider office productivity.

See how Optum supports providers and helps improve quality of care for patients.