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Practice Extend

Optum offers an impactful approach to facilitate value-based programs that drive improved outcomes and optimize cost of care.


Are you overlooking any of your provider populations?

Independent primary care physician (PCP) practices not employed by a large hospital or health system can represent up to 50% of a health plan’s membership and spend.1 Yet health plans often struggle to engage these providers in value-based outcome programs to help improve quality of care and reduce the total cost of care.

Health plans can support their independent PCPs by offering financial incentives and resources to support outcomes-based goals and improve patient care. This can help drive better financial opportunities and continued independence for these PCP.

A differentiated approach for providers

Optum® Practice Extend is a comprehensive program that helps health plans engage independent PCPs. Our proven program not only engages difficult-to-reach providers, but it also drives return on investment (ROI).2 It enables PCPs to drive outcomes, grow revenue and remain independent.

Our offering is distinct from typical aggregator solutions and accountable care organizations that are generally provider organizations or companies working with providers to take risk from health plans. Some of the differentiators that contribute to program success include:

  • Collaborate with health plan on solution design to address most important issues
  • Leverage client investment in Optum technology, which integrates with your health plan partners (for example, behavioral health, social determinants of health) and more
  • Offer population support, addressing all lines of business and all members attributed to supported independent PCPs

Enabling value-based outcome programs

Practice Extend spans key areas to ensure independent PCPs are set up for success in their journey toward value-based care (VBC).

Graphic showing how Provider Value Network enables VBC success for independent PCPs Infographic showing how Practice Extend enables VBC success for independent PCPs

Learn how you can support independent PCPs in their journey toward value-based care

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