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Asthma Management Programs

The Asthma Management program helps participants make positive behavioral changes and improve their health.


Lower costs with personalized care

Asthma accounts for an estimated 14 million lost work days for adults each year.1 Among Asthma Management participants, 93 percent said the program made things simple, so they could focus on what really mattered. And 94 percent reported receiving follow-up on any commitments.2

Empower members to better manage asthma

When it comes to managing a condition, knowledge is power. As a result of the Asthma Management program, 88 percent of participants reported they understood their treatment options, and 91 percent suggested alternatives based on the patients needs.2

Provide one-on-one support from caring nurses 

Knowledge and personalized support makes all the difference. Among Asthma Management program participants, 97 percent felt the nurse cared about them, and 92 percent felt the nurse provided the right amount of contact and follow-up.2


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