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Impact Pro for analyzing future health risk

Optum® Impact Pro® helps you identify individuals who will benefit most from population health management programs.


With Impact Pro, you can harness the powerful analytical foundation of Optum Symmetry® to identify, profile and stratify populations by predicting future risk. These insights can help spur the discovery of new intervention program opportunities for individuals.

Member centered risk profile - Care history, Risk, Clinical

The advantage of Impact Pro



Evaluate health status and drivers of risk

Impact Pro allows you to quickly access a single, unified profile of an individual's historical care and predicted needs. You can also forecast expenditure costs and medical service needs based on available data inputs.


Identify individuals for engagement programs

With a wide range of segmentation and stratification criteria, Impact Pro helps you determine which individuals are in need of specialized intervention programs and which intervention programs have the most impact on the quality of individuals’ health.


Support quality and gaps in care concepts

With Impact Pro, you can review an individual's, provider's, provider group's or organization's compliance with evidence-based medicine and clinically accepted guidelines. Gaps in care and longitudinal care history can be communicated directly to physicians.