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Advanced Commercial Actuarial Solutions

We help health plans leverage cutting-edge technology and advanced analytics to assess risk and optimize their portfolios.

Group Risk Analytics

Optum® Group Risk Analytics (GRA) predicts future risk in minutes, enabling a premium rate strategy aligned to the risk profile of your new business groups. GRA uses de-identified, third-party medical and specialty pharmacy data, and proprietary risk scoring, to enable payers to better assess the risk of prospective employer group customers.

Our goal is to help you win the right business at the right price.

Why Group Risk Analytics?

We are committed to providing underwriters with the quickest, most intuitive and accurate new business risk assessment solution in the market.


Results returned in minutes

We know that underwriters can't wait around during the busy new business season — 97% of all cases are returned in less than 5 minutes.


Unparalleled data syndicate

Nationwide coverage of medical and pharmacy claim data allow for the detection of high-cost conditions and specialty pharmacy costs that others might miss.



Sleek and intuitive software

Built on the Optum StepWise platform, GRA is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with your existing underwriting workflows.


Outstanding customer experience

Our highly responsive and dedicated support team is here for you.

Group Risk Analytics

Our simple and secure prospective risk assessment tool enables payers to better assess the risk of prospective employer group customers in minutes.


Business optimization solutions

Drive optimal business decisions using machine learning and AI. Our price elasticity technology can be customized to meet your business needs.

Portfolio Optimization

Achieve greater profitability and retained membership through the balancing of both market share and margin goals with Optum® Portfolio Optimization.


Emerging technologies in underwriting

Hear insights on the biggest underwriting challenges in the level funded space and how payers are addressing these challenges.

Complementary solutions

Actuarial Services

We help clients create financial transparency and understand the "why" behind finances through superior reporting, forecasting and modeling.

StepWise and Underwriting

Our underwriting software, capabilities and expertise help health plans simplify the design, deployment and distribution of products.