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Data Management and Warehousing

Our data management expertise heightens governance and performance across platforms and applications while ensuring privacy and integrity.


Features and benefits

Improve forecasting

Our predictive modeling processes help identify factors and behaviors that influence outcomes. As health care data experts, we can help you use this information to determine the probability of future outcomes.

Ensure maximum data security

We adhere to government cyber-security requirements, including NIST, FISMA, FedRAMP and MARS-E. All of our data management solutions have passed the government certification and authorization process and obtained the Authority to Operate (ATO).

Gain analytic insights

We transform your raw data into meaningful insights, providing business intelligence that is timely, accurate and delivered directly to the decision-makers responsible for driving your organization forward.

Data integration for meaningful data

Our data warehouse solutions connect client decision makers with the integrated information they rely on to strategically maneuver the changing technology landscape. We provide meaningful, real-time data you can trust.