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Technical support

We are here to help. Below you'll find phone numbers, emails, websites and more to assist you.

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Frequently requested information


Claims Edit System (CES) Software Support

Claims Edit System is a claims editing software that automatically reviews and catches errors, omissions and questionable coding relationships from professional and facility claims for commercial, Medicare and Medicaid lines of business.

Email: cessupport@optum.com


Claims Manager Software Technical Support

Align clinical and revenue cycle workflows for faster and more accurate reimbursement with Optum Claims Manager Professional.

Phone: 1-866-678-8646, option 6

Email: claimsmanager-client-support@optum.com

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  • Computer-Assisted Coding Technical Support

    The Enterprise Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) Platform brings together all of the information and tools that coders and clinical documentation staff need into a single, streamlined solution.

    Phone: 1-866-678-8646, option 1

    Website: support.optum360.com

    Connectivity Solutions (iEDI) Technical Support

    An Optum technician will answer your questions about our services, enrollment and installation status, as well as provide you with all EDI technical support.

    Phone: 1-866-678-8646, option 2

    Claredi Classic Technical Support

    Help ensure your EDI transactions are compliant with standards, regulations and payer requirements.

    Email: claredisupport@ediconnect.com

    EASYGroup Client Technical Support

    EASYGroup™ is a portable software library that supports the implementation of prospective payment systems.

    Phone: 1-800-999-3747, option 6

    Email: client.services@optum.com


    Find help for EncoderPro.com, the coder’s essential CPT,® ICD-10-CM/PCS, ICD-9-CM, and HCPCS Level II online code look-up software.

    Phone: 1-866-678-8646, option 4

    Email: techsupport@optum360.com

    Impact Suite Technical Support

    The Impact suite of solutions is comprised of Impact Pro® and Impact Intelligence.® Impact Intelligence helps organizations effectively manage cost and use, assess provider networks and measure care quality. Impact Pro helps organizations identify, profile and stratify populations by predicting future health needs and risk.

    Email: client.support@optum.com

    Optum LYNX Outpatient Charge Capture

    Optum® LYNX Outpatient Charging Applications integrate with your existing EMR workflow and allows customization to meet each department’s specific needs.

    Phone: 1-866-678-8646, option 3

    Optum Product Services – Customer Portal

    Find product updates, announcement, and other important documentation.

    Email: productservices@optum.com

    Website: Optum Customer Portal 

    Regulatory Portal

    Get PPS and CES announcements, release notes, known product issues, regulatory insights, as well as other user documentation.

    Website: Regulatory Portal sign-in 

    Reimbursement and Workflow Solutions (RWS)

    You can reduce denials and improve A/R recovery with one customized solution. And we customize every relationship, so you can fix short-term resource demands or design long-term improvements.

    Phone: 1-866-868-4147

    Email: rwssupport@optum360.com

    State Fee Schedule Support

    Contact us for state fee schedule support.

    Email: statefeeschedule-support@optum.com

    Symmetry Suite Technical Support

    Symmetry® produces standard, clinically-homogenous, risk-adjusted units of analysis, the basis for valid financial and clinical comparisons, to help organizations effectively manage costs, mitigate risk and measure quality.

    Phone: 1-866-818-7503

    Email: client.support@optum.com


    The Optum Learning Community

    This is your source for training on Optum and Optum360 solutions, including eLearning, webinars, job aids, user guides, blogs and discussions, plus a wide array of continuing education for coders, clinical staff and providers.

    Website: Optum Learning Community

    Web.Strat Client Technical Support

    Web.Strat™ is a browser-based application that delivers tools to help providers effectively manage coding, regulatory compliance, and reimbursement, and, to assist payers to accurately reimburse using the prospective payment methodologies.

    Phone: 1-800-999-3747

    Email: client.services@optum.com


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