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How can you support employees with human-centric health care solutions in a changed world?



The employer perspective: Connected care

Learn about the power of connected care and its role in reducing costs, better managing health and creating a more productive and thriving workforce. 

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- More than half of healthcare coverage in the US is provided by employers. And the benefit of happier, healthier employees to a company can't be overstated. Employers are in a unique position to collaborate with health plans and providers, to affect consumer choices and engagement. Optum brings all of these parties to the table. We provide customized solutions that meet an employers unique needs, improve employee health, and better manage costs.




- [Dad] Yeah, that's a good spot for it, put it right back up there.




- Mommy!




- [Sylvia] Maddie!




- Hey, what did the doctor say?




- The doctor said my blood pressure's high.




- Should you be working? Why not take a leave early?




- My team's counting on me and I really like this project. I can't just walk away.




- I builded a castle.




- [Sylvia] It's beautiful, sweetie.




- Hey, stranger.




- Hey, Tonya.




- Nice salad. Thanks, tryin' to get my iron up and my blood pressure down.




- Any luck?




- I've been monitoring it.




- Oh, that's good. Well, let me know if you need anything.




- You wanna take that two o'clock call with Tokyo?




- Anything but that.




- Perfect, we'll get right on that. Yeah, I'll talk to you soon, thanks, bye.




- Hey, how are you?




- Hey, good, how are you?




- Good, good, we still on for two?




- Yep, I'll be there in a minute.




- [Co-Worker] All right.




- Hey Sylvia, I was just reviewing your results. Blood pressure's gotten a lot better and you're not showing symptoms of pre-eclampsia. Just keep taking your medication and walking every day.




- I've been walking to and from work.




- Perfect, so what can I help you with?




- I know we talked about postpartum depression a while back, but it got pretty bad after Maddie was born, and I just wanna make sure I'm as prepared as I can be.




- Sure, have you contacted your employee assistance program? They can connect you with resources and a list of symptoms. If you notice any, behavioral health will set you up with a specialist all online, you won't need to leave your baby's side.




- That sounds great.




- And call if you have any other questions. We're here 24/7.




- I know, thanks.




- [Sylvia] Hey, sweetie!




- Hey.




- [Sylvia] Maddie, what are you drawing?




- [Maddie] A dog.




- I saw a dog walking home and took a picture. Look at that.




- What's that?




- That is a medical bill.




- Ooh, fun. Anything surprising?




- [Sylvia] Nope, just what I was expecting.




- Hey, maybe we get that fancy new stroller you wanted.




- Maybe, but first, my back aches and me feet are killing me.




- Oh honey, don't worry, I got this.




- [Tonya] Sylvia, me again. So I know you miss yoga and I know it's a ways away, but the work fitness center is starting a yoga class about the time you'll be back, so get in if you haven't. Okay, love you.




- I like that you get to keep workin'.




- Me too. Did you put any salt on this?




- No salt. Lotta butter, though. I'm kidding.




- This story is so powerful because it shows how connected care improves, not only an employee's health, but their life. Sylvia's biometric monitoring system helps her stay connected to care, no matter where she is. She knows an OB specialized nurse and any resources she needs are just a phone call away. Whether it's three PM or three AM, she can refill prescriptions from her phone and pay bills from anywhere. In other words, access to the right care, at the right time helps Sylvia better manage her own health, be more productive, and thrive. All at a lower cost to her employer. That's the power of connected care. We've just seen how connected care benefits the individual wherever they are, as members, patients, or employees. And these stories can be the rule, not the exception. But to get there, we have to adopt a new mindset. One of constructive collaboration. At Optum, no matter what your needs are, we value every one of our partnerships deeply. And as your organization grows, your partnership with Optum can grow too. Because we know that's how we will create the next generation health system, together.


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