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Capitalize on every opportunity

Working capital that works for health care

Step into the future with working capital loans reimagined for health care providers and systems, powered by Optum Bank®. 

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Loans for the business side of care

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Customized and right-sized

Each loan offer is unique and informed by claim payment activity for current Optum Pay customers. 

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Easy, affordable and transparent

Count on digital enrollment, a competitive set fee with no hidden charges and zero interest. 

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Plays well with all payers

Automated loan repayment works with any deposit directed to your repayment account, be it from Optum Pay payments or other payers.

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For health care by a health care bank

As health care and fintech experts, we know what providers need to make their organization work. 

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Our two loan solutions redefine how capital works

Unlock your organization's potential with a capital loan

Need to boost operational liquidity, buy equipment, pay taxes or meet other general capital needs? This affordable loan offers a set competitive fee and automated loan repayment.

What to expect

  • One-time fee and no interest
  • Zero early repayment penalty
  • No restriction on business use
  • No personal guarantees

Download information

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Start each month ahead with the cash flow loan

This first-of-its-kind lending solution smooths cash flow, giving health care organizations predictable, consistent access to funds on the first business day of every month.

What to expect

  • Predictable monthly disbursements
  • Low, recurring fee
  • No restriction on business use
  • No personal guarantees

Download information

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Check out what makes our working capital loans different

It’s time to rethink how the health care industry accesses capital. Working capital loans from Optum Bank are different because they’re informed by two decades of experience working directly with health care providers. 

Get started

Key featuresOptum working capital loans
Other lenders
Interest rateNo interest4.66%-20.8% or higher
FeesTransparent and affordable upfront fee, no early repayment penalties.Origination fee varies by lender plus potential hidden transaction charges
Getting startedEasy digital enrollmentCumbersome manual process
Fast fundingCapital loan funds may be delivered as soon as same day upon loan acceptance; cash flow funds are delivered on the first business day of the next monthVaries by lender; typically at least 1 week
Personal guaranteeNoneOften required

Automated via future claims payment activity

Varies greatly by lender, from manual payments to setting up and managing a payment schedule
Loan amount

Customized as informed by claims payment history

Generic tiers not specific to the realities of health care
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Getting funding is easy

Please fill out this simple form to explore your eligibility.

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Frequently asked questions about loan options

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Working capital loans from Optum Financial are powered by Optum Bank and informed by two decades of working directly with health care providers. Our deep understanding of your needs led us to build 2 solutions designed specifically for the business side of care:

  • Capital loan — Unlock fast access to stress-free working capital, helping your business grow and invest in the future.
  • Cash flow loan — Smooth out cash flow with this innovative lending solution for providers. It delivers a lump sum amount on the first business day of each month, providing predictable access to funds.

Working capital loans offer easy access to funds with a set fee that's transparent and affordable. There are no hidden fees, periodic interest charges or prepayment penalties. There's also no restriction on business use:

  • Providers can use these loans to expand their organization, buy new equipment, plan for payroll/bonuses and level out seasonal spikes.
  • Health systems use these loans to smooth out liquidity and cover gaps in receiving government reimbursements and state funding.

The amount of your working capital loan is tailored to your organization and informed by claim payment activity. Repayments are stress-free since they’re automated.

Eligibility is reviewed regularly and informed by a variety of factors. At minimum, the following must be true for your organization to be considered for one or more of our loan products:

  • You're an active Optum Pay customer with at least 12 months of Optum Pay ACH payment history.
  • You receive at least one payment a month through Optum Pay.
  • You have no outstanding or uncollected balance from a prior Optum Bank working capital loan.

Optum Bank may apply additional eligibility criteria. 

The fee structure depends on the type of loan you have.

For the capital loan:

  • You pay a single, set, low fee and no interest.
  • The amount is transparent and presented with the offer.
  • There are no hidden or additional fees.

For the cash flow loan:

  • You pay a low, monthly recurring fee and no interest.
  • The fee is due each month that you're in the loan program.

Upon acceptance of your specific loan offer and its terms:

  • Capital loan funds are deposited into an Optum Financial bank account that same day.
  • Cash flow loan funds will be available on the first business day of the next month and on the first business day of each subsequent month that you remain eligible and enrolled in the program for up to 12 months.

To find out if you're eligible and learn about your funding options, please fill out and submit this form.

You may be asked for:  

  • Details regarding your organization and ownership information
  • Individual identity information for your authorized representative(s)

We may need additional information and/or documentation to complete our review process. If you're not an authorized representative, you can start the process and send it to the appropriate person to complete. 

Other questions about the loan process?

Our loan experts will answer your questions and connect you to the lending solutions you need now.