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Working capital that works for health care

Step into the future with working capital loans reimagined for health care providers and systems, powered by Optum Bank.

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Capitalize on every opportunity

It’s time to rethink how the health care industry accesses capital. Working capital loans from Optum Bank are different because they’re informed by two decades of experience working directly with providers.

Our deep understanding of your needs led us to build two loan solutions that redefine how capital works — the capital loan and the cash flow loan.

Working capital that works harder

Our solutions make accessing funds fast and easy, helping your organization focus on what it does best — caring for patients.

Customized and right-sized

Each loan offer is unique, informed by 12+ months of your claim payment volume.

Zero headaches

Enjoy easy online enrollment with transparent terms, no personal guarantees and no restriction on business usage.

Fully automated

Repayment is automated, with a digital dashboard showing real-time loan tracking and metrics.

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Capital loan

Stress-free working capital

Our low-fee loan unlocks fast access to funds for health care organizations, helping them grow and invest in the future.

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Cash flow loan

Recurring cash flow you can count on

Our innovative lending solution smooths cash flow, giving health care organizations predictable, consistent access to funds.

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Unlock potential with the capital loan

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Simply affordable

Unlock affordable capital with a single, set, competitive fee and simple repayment:

  • One-time fee and no interest
  • Zero early repayment penalty
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Easy access

Get fast access to cash with zero headaches, zero hassles and easy online enrollment:

  • No restriction on business usage
  • No personal guarantees
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No surprises

Feel secure with total transparency from Optum Bank:

  • Zero hidden fees or charges
  • Automated repayment
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Start each month ahead with the cash flow loan

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Frictionless process

Smooth cash flow with zero headaches and zero hassles:

  • No personal guarantees
  • Fast enrollment
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Transparently smart

Level up your operations with no surprises and no trade-offs:

  • Automated repayment process
  • Real-time tracking and metrics
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First of its kind

Unlock automated, consistent cash flow with intelligent terms and a low, recurring fee:

  • No interest
  • Monthly disbursements

It's time for capital that works for you

Our loan experts will answer your questions and connect you to the solutions you need now.