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Optum Pay Express makes cash flow predictable

Welcome to an innovative loan product* from Optum Bank designed specifically for providers.

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Start each month ahead

Receive a lump sum amount on the first of each month based on your average estimated monthly claims. Future deposits repay the loan automatically, so you can stabilize the financial health of your organization with ease.

Getting started is easy and you can opt out anytime:

  • Register — fill out and submit the form
  • Review offer — if eligible, accept the offer
  • Receive funds — funds will be available in your account on the first of every month while you're eligible and enrolled

Ease the stress of volatility in receivables


Leverage your receivables more effectively

Predictable cash flow simplifies planning

Affordable with competitive fixed fee

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Here's how it works

For example, if you qualify, an ongoing monthly amount of $100,000 (depending on your claims forecasting), would incur a flat, recurring fee of only $1,000 for each loan, each month.

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We're here to help

For more information about Optum Pay Express and how it can benefit you, contact us.