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Pharmacy Network for Hospice Care

Provide patients with easy access to pharmacies, home delivery, infusion options and discounted drugs not covered under an existing plan.

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Community Pharmacies

Maximize discounts and help reduce costs through a customized network that includes Optum network pharmacies and specialized services of independent pharmacies in your local community.

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HospiMail™ Home Delivery

Give your patients the added value and convenience of home delivery prescriptions while offering the same medication discounts the local retail pharmacies can offer. Our home delivery network can meet all your hospice medication needs.

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In-Patient Unit Solutions

Streamline your in-patient unit (IPU) medication billing while ensuring hospice practitioners have timely access to medication. Maintain a high level of operational efficiency and accurate Medicare reporting in a more cost efficient model.

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Home Infusion

Deliver the best care to the growing number of patients managing complex conditions through at-home infusions. Our program expands the scope of treatments that can be offered in the home rather than in higher-cost institutional settings.

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HospiDiscount Drug Card

Introduced as the industry’s first free hospice-focused drug card program, every patient has pharmacy access and receives medication discounts, filling a void hospice providers face with medications related to the prognosis, but not hospice covered.

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