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Hospice Pharmacy Analytics Tools

Get easy access to data that drives new insights and leads to quick, effective decision-making.

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Hospice Best Practice Indicators

Set performance goals and objectives based on key performance metrics (KPMs), then measure performance using hospice best-practice indicators. Your account manager will help you set and meet your benchmarks by providing support, training and educational resources.

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Instantly access critical information through this user-friendly online reporting suite. With utilization, cost and performance data, HospiTrac can help you identify opportunities to improve patient care, administrative efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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HospiTrac iRx™

Developed to eliminate the need for ad hoc reporting, HospiTrac iRx is a web-based tool for clinical and administrative managers who want robust analytics, quick and dynamic data filtering, performance metric snapshots, and multiple ways to view results.

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Streamline reporting by applying analytics to prescription and profiled data. HospiRxMonitor is a comprehensive reporting solution that uses scenario-based logic to look at compliance, patient outcomes, quality assurance process improvement (QAPI) and benchmarking.

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